Greetings to all

Dear readers,
2013 has already started and I hope that all of you can remember the past year with a little 'of happiness, of course not considering the economic crisis and urges. Some may feel that there is nothing to be happy, I am of course referring to 2012, our Association has brought another positive point represented by the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the birth of Father Scrape the sky, in June past.

Also for 2012 we were able to give a new reason not to forget the figure of the beloved Father, we hope to have made him something pleasant. Many have bought the book of Father Beppino Co 'and I hope that it served to bring more people to the Shrine Source of Mercy. However, I believe that the road is very long, but there demoralized because in this long journey we know that we are not totally alone, but accompanied by the unforgettable memory of these figures Sante. I hope with all my heart that many of you have come closest association not only with the magazine and read the book, but also establishing a more intimate conversation with the holy thought of love for the Lord and Our Lady.

This year we continue our amazing adventure of communication and transcription of what has been written and said, I do not deny that the difficulties are always just around the corner, but with the teaching of the Father, we understand that faith is so important and strong that makes us aware of how difficult the road or, even better, if the path is difficult, we always have the ability to live in the hope of a brighter future.

How are you all? I would be delighted we could send a little 'words with a sense of how you remember our beloved Father Raschi. I invite you to send letters to demonstrate to us how useful and memory alive, do not ask for financial help, not because you need it, but as long as we can, we will move forward, we ask for more excitement and increased activity decision letter. How many times have we turned to Father Raschi, both in life is now in heaven, to aid various listening open-mouthed, in its impressive humility and at the same time decision, the story of his experience and teaching, why not now our say? Surely it would be happy and we can show how much we remember and what we have learned from his words by taking a pen and a piece of paper, who is in old age is made to help their children or grandchildren, and sends the testimony of the memory of the Father, express what is in your heart, pull it out, do not need many words, but they also need to know that we are not alone.

I hope you will take this humble invitation that will make us all feel younger and more alive.

Best wishes to all of you


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