Father Bonaventura, in your life you have always looked for the Will of the Celestial Father in order to complete what He would appreciate: you obtained also me to believe and think that God loves and wishes only good to me.


Father ours..... .


Father Bonaventura with the love of a son you approached the Immaculate, you have loved her and made Her loved, you have honoured Her with the title of " Immaculate Source of Mercy " and in her honour you have erected a house: obtain that also I watch her with confidence and become a conquest of her Mercy.

Hail Mary.....

Father Bonaventura, to Jesus Crucifix who called you to follow him, you have answered with decided and faithful yes: you obtain also for me to answer with joy and perseverance to his invite.


Gloria to……


Saint and Glorious Father, humbly I address You, trusting in the intercession of Father Bonaventura who has loved You living Your Word, to ask you the grace that is dear to my heart … … With the Immaculate Mary " Source of Mercy" I elevate to You my thanks, because " Great things you have made in me God, Omnipotent and Saint is Your Name! "


Father Bonaventura, you let the Holy Spirit guide you in your intrepid apostolic work, and you have enjoyed the prodigy of the Pentecost: let me become also an instrument of the Holy Spirit in order to increase the Reign of God in the hearts.

Gloria to……..