Choose from this Gospel complicated, which is rich in history and would need much explanation, but we choose the suitable to our day today May 13 because it's here, but it is not a party only around a kind of statue, what can be beautiful, and so on. It is a celebration around a living person and the person alive is the Our Lady who, though they may not know, this is now.

The Our Lady spoke.

He also spoke yesterday. And what did he say?

What has repeated at La Salette, what he repeated in Lourdes, which has been repeated in Fatima, what he repeated in Rome at Three Fountains and other places.

And what he said? Why do not know?

This is the serious point: we do not know why.

And who are the informers of these articles?

This is the serious point: who are the informers of these news.

If these informants have dignity?

This is the serious point: it has a dignity.

And have not spoken?

This is the serious point: They talked.

So what? Then I speak.

The Our Lady said that times are sad.

The moment is grave and demand for the umpteenth time penance, repentance, repentance, penance; Prayer, prayer, prayer, prayer.

Needless to square circles, conferences, rallies, speeches, conferences, lunches, and so on.

He said well good Medi Henry, the great professor: “If you have priests from running with the 1100 or the Lambretta, or so I, for commissions, we know we do! If you have to do something to help so material, organize, we can do; But we can not do that with authority, strength, you can do: present your prayers and continued almost around Jesus Christ and Sacrament at the foot of His Holy Mother.”

The priesthood must pray today than ever before, and must feel the seriousness of the moment. If you do not feel the responsibility for what happens for three quarters, is his; Speak clearly.

So before these grandiose wishes wise, decisive and infallible Our Lady, there remains only be us, small, weak, kneeling, devotees truly loyal and sincere and say:

Blessed Virgin if nobody listens to you, you listen to us.

Accept the whole complex inevitable and continuous painful today.

Accept our anxiety.

Accept our concerns.

Accept our doubts.

Accept our distractions.

Accept our confusion.

Watch and accepts our financial and physical tribulations.

Accept all or Blessed Virgin.

It also accepts our poor and humble presence that very little say if it were not for your charity.

The Te offer, or Blessed Virgin, for expiation of the sin that has lasted for too many years and allows you to be forgotten your word adorable, your grand mission of Mother of God and Mother of the Church.

Accept, O Virgin, made this offer with a feeling almost of arrogance, motivated by a love that has no bounds.”.

And Our Lady, Our Lady accepts, I will assure you that I will accept him.

And what it does. What do you do?

I do not know what applies to a rich and pains of a whole life?

I do not know what goes offering a prayer and sincerity?

Above all sincerity! There is no need to make a specific course for the University graduate in power of prayer!

How many times a humble prayer of a poor creature has served at a huge salvation!

Besides Our Lady also gave us his example.

What prayer did Our Lady? You know you?

He prayed.

The first prayer that said: “This is the Servant of the Lord; Me been doing what he says, as he wants.”

The first solemn prayer, which publishes The all'Angelo before announcing the great mystery of His Divine Motherhood.

Praying with simplicity, with open heart, perhaps out of the media chase; Our Lady likes the media as long as there is outrageous that in heart, the simplicity that is missing in the world today and that is the stain official extension, shameful, deep in all humanity.

Today life is a sea of lies: in the name of humanity, in the name of weapons on behalf of the interests in the name of the flesh in the name of selfishness and even in the name of God! Full of lies!

You can not lie before God!

In this Mass we will be honest, and quietly make your Communions without scruple; Eat you Christ and you tell him that you want the good even if you are not capable. Say you want to repair this gap and hellish shameful, and if you happen to have a very special feeling, that for our beloved and Most Holy Father, Pope John Paul II which currently governs the Church with much pain and so much enthusiasm, a lot of sincerity and so much goodness.

Pray for the Pope.

It will be an enormous pleasure you do to the Heart of the Virgin!

Times are serious.

We will not forget these words: times are severe.

It is time to finish the carnival that runs continuously, but mostly repeat, to extinguish the lie that stain whole life.

Then indulge with filial tenderness, with real belief and confidence and so, so much confidence on the Heart of the Mother blessed us.

After the Mass read the petition to His Immaculate Heart for the salvation of the whole world, but especially in our poor country: to. Quest'Italia that had the greatest gifts of God!

The biggest relic of the Passion of Christ: the Shroud.

The largest building, which you might think: the humble home of Nazareth to Loreto.

The biggest chair of truth and salvation, which is that of Peter the Holy See.

We pray that it is holy seriously because there are glitches.

So, with these gifts that Our Lady did not preghiamoLa that penta to have made to Italy, maybe some people easier and more devout them would have deserved better.

But we pray that Our Lady has mercy of this idiocy running around dancing to the gifts of God as if they were trascurabilissime nonsense.

And pray especially offering Victim of I consacrerò far: Christ blessed, once again sacrificed on the cross, which pours your blood and gives His Body, Soul and Divinity for our salvation.

And be happy, because the Christian vocation has carried on this blessed land where the Our Lady one day will say many things, and rest in peace on this gentle light that the Blessed Virgin has shed on this Monte Sacro.

And now we pray.

I believe in one God…