Should I tell you, logically, the usual greeting: Merry Christmas. First, I say thank you for your presence, which shows a courtesy, I would say almost chivalrous, before the mystery recalled in this year and that, for almost 2.000 years, has happened in Palestine.

Merry Christmas, as you know, on the other hand, is a wish not human. You greetings human can make a kind of trade in postcards, clothing, gifts; But this is not an omen. I hope that you can do, and that is really conscientiously at Christmas, we wish all the interior life that is poured and is reflected outside, that is a wish of grace, power of a wish, a wish of conscience, we wish all the fortress, a wish of honesty, we wish all the love and, therefore, we wish full of the power of God in your heart; indeed even in my, I do not want mica isolarmi! But it is clear that this wish is not made of words because, if it were made of words, at this land, filled with good wishes, it should be a huge central happiness, love and peace, and it seems not presenting the case.

Just an hour ago I read a great book, perhaps not all indeed, almost no one knows, yet it is on the market; It is a huge book, one book written by a great mystic who remained ill for a long time, but for grace and privilege of God, God himself Christ, dictated this book. I have assisted close to the time of his death, together with a great Archbishop of emotion that was crying, saying he lost on that day, the largest Santa mystic of our times: Maria Valtorta. Woman extremely intelligent, disciplined, strong, a large creature that only God could have prepared.

Well read it, I had already read many times with her, but just read a sentence impressive: the Lord said this Creature, that three-quarters of humanity was prey to the beast. Only then quarter belonged to the Spirit.

What is this mystery? All talk of apocalypse without knowing where even begins. A book of a colossal depth, focusing on great mysteries that, however, I was able to deepen discreetly with the help of a great friend, who is now dead, a great saint who one day will be glorified; The great Don Ruotolo who had a culture and a genius without limitations, great musician, great painter, a great writer, great speaker but also very humble and great saint. A curious incident of what is kneaded humility. I remember that one day Naples crossed with two heavy bags, one by the hand and walked slightly bent on this weight and said: “Don Ruotolo we do? I give me that do a hand.”. “No otherwise lose balance eh! No no!”. It had to accompany him to the Basilica of the Holy Spirit.

He joined with these heavy bags, deposited them in the sacristy and then went to preach in the Church of the Basilica. I wanted to see these bags: they were all stones. That before getting a pulpit is exercised in any kind of penance. I realized that his shoes were without soles, but did not want to see who was barefoot and had then, above all, the dress shoes, removed the sole beneath which was a walk through a painful way little appreciated, and so on.

This is to say that he was a man who lived on humble resources, great humiliation before God and with these punishments, because he had other much more serious, gave value to his word, his spirit and his spiritual greatness that had size say, without limits.

Now this was precisely the issue facing the power of the beast, in the name of whom? And with what forces? “Be quiet, modesty aside-said that this - that the beast I know very well.”. The beast is the one on which the humanity of our recent times, we put on a smile and a compassionate enough, saying: “It is a reliquiato of the Middle Ages!”. Middle Ages? Well, but I have said many times: Gentlemen, the Middle Ages, what means the Middle Ages? Where is the real insult to a culture Middle Ages? A century of art, spiritual greatness and colossal Saints. “Ah! But however that there were sins!”. Oh yes! We have a beautiful chair rail against today for the Middle Ages!

We do see the splendor of murderers, the magnitude of the theft, persecution public disorder, not a region or a state, but a world head, a selfishness that has no more reasons to be able to say that now lives on violence only: we oppose this to the Middle Ages? But if there is a cultured person and a historian seriously, vergognerebbe this stupid mayor of the present is full of misery, craps and sin.

And then the beast, if it is covered with a smile enough, the fund is not evil, but this smile is not enough for those who believe, but the infernal beast which plagues. Now the world also believe Gentlemen Gentlemen, it is plagued by this beast. I think, pardon the ardor of a kind of prophecy, I think that we not say to a vigil but almost, of a kind of triumph of this beast, which will then be done with the beautiful Queen of the Immaculate; What is the ignores the power, but You know soon.

And then Christmas? Christmas has a purpose. Christmas reminds us of the Word, that is the Second Person of the mystery of the Holy Trinity, covered in the meat of the Breast and threw say, from our squares, in the streets of humanity, to restore a rebirth, especially salvation. But by whom we saved? But what Christ went to the Cross? But could well risparmiarselo! Who saved us with his martyrdom? From whom? If there is the devil, the act of Christ has no meaning other than insanity. But he freed and liberated us and frees us still, by the power of Satan.

But do not forget Gentlemen: who is collecting all bastards? Who collects the poor old? Who holds the land of true love? Who is that, unmindful of the family ties, just loves, a real relief to rest, browses among lands unknown, in the midst of so-called uncivilized people with violence to which now, it is very much like ours, and surpasses even? But for what? But what is this army of mad, unfortunately dishonored the lives of some, some, some say, and so, somehow unworthy priest, dishonored maybe somewhere hierarch ecclesiastical not too bright?

Well! But the near Christ himself, though God made man, has tolerated a disgust of Judah and she loved: she loved. And prohibited hatred against Judas traitor was until that being alive, because they wanted to think his hope, and on his return to his peace. It is essentially the address of forgiveness. The address of true love which led to earth to overcome hatred because we are dominated by hatred. So what? We have the mystery of Christmas. The Creature sublime that God has prepared from all, the Virgin Immaculate outside the town of creatures. St. Bonaventure has called – the great mystic Franciscan Doctor, our Superior General of those times and then bishop and cardinal of the Holy Roman Church in the most serious and most beautiful of the word, so that was and remained a great Holy – him, St. Bonaventure, said that the Immaculate Conception is the masterpiece of God.

You know what a masterpiece? Should I speak to an artist to know what is the masterpiece. When an artist wants to make a masterpiece, you enter the power of his intellect, collects the concepts of his memory, pushes the adorable mission of his heart, collects all the laws of harmony and beauty, and gives you a masterpiece. Now that God is a masterpiece, then it is true that, as Dante said, the art is the grandson of God. But this nipotismo now we want just because the masterpiece of God creates a child. And the great incomparable Daughter of God is the Blessed Virgin; Specially created by him: He Creator. And it is she who bruise the head of the beast and now it is already heading so powerful.

Then Gentlemen, when you hear good of Our Lady, say that that place and that time is blessed, when hear talk about evil, even if it were as ecclesiastical, say that is the beast. It is the hour of supreme and marvelous victory of God for this stupid century, which covers any shame, that is.

The Our Lady gives us the Child Jesus. This happens Child Jesus as the Angel, so wonderful. I said well dear Professor Sciacca, the greatest thinker of our time, which unfortunately only recently died and we were very friends; The most beautiful minds of philosophy throughout the world, I said, I remember coming back from London that adorable figure of the Virgin with the superadorabile figure of Christ, formed his delight, and her beauty was so happy in her. Good.

The Our Lady then what did? He suggested the Holy Spirit. Creator God has placed life corporal in the mysteries of the womb of the Virgin and has created a body animated by a spirit that God directly with its own power, which is created and the spirit of the Blessed Virgin. It is the favorite daughter of God. Then the choice becomes, is the Bride of the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, then becomes the fruit, is the Mother of Blood and Body and Soul also say the deity of Christ on earth. Then go to Family divine privilege for? By nature not to privilege.

Well, what matter to me if I do go to the Our Lady family divine privilege? The fact is that there is entered, and it is God in the aspect and maternal tenderness, God in the greatness and strength of motherhood, God in the greatness of creation and, consequently, that redemption comes through the fruit of your womb. But there is little Gentlemen!

Now, do a good Christmas means to be in harmony with this mystery. Adoring God for this provision, or better venerate worship God for your presence, thank him for this love and confirm in imitation of your adorable laws. This is clear, or that its use of our worship God when we say the “we love you” and to do with the beast that disturbs all humanity?

So today is a factor of conscience: enter into the consciousness, divested of claims, egos, lust and all the evil that can albergarvi and then invite God, the Lord said: “Lord, my heart is pretty free, you can enter and feel that you find a soul who tries faithful with you the strength of honesty and peace.”.

If there is this honesty and this peace, but they come together in Moscow or in Washington, they come together in northern Europe or bottom so that I, the Earth fire; Do what you believe, will not only deceive humanity and ruin the company and take away the little bit of peace that is yet. Only God can give us what we wanted, but our application must be sufficiently worthy of him, I do not say that, because even the angels are worthy of God, but a dignity enough, a creature that reason, you have to be that good and says: Lord, come into my heart and wait for my rehabilitation because I truly love and be a bridge between the earth and the sky of tenderness and peace.

This is the Lord, and then we can with the Angels, given the profound meaning of the song and say, “Glory to God in the highest heaven and on earth peace to men of good will.”.

So my good wishes for Christmas is this.

For your kids how to make good Christmas? With a toy that maybe the weather after a few days? With a kiss? Yes that is a beautiful thing, I would like to be in a position to give any of happiness for all children, but we always want something better. Not only give an external factor, realizes our small youth growing around us that we love, realizes that the man is not intended to be a failure, realizes that love is not a chimera and a dream, but it is a great reality-as perhaps unfortunately has already noticed that you can give so much hatred and terror that one day you will tremble.

But this does not happen, we pray in this holy night that God will give us the strength to learn to live, to be able to believe, knowing how to be strong and therefore able to love in your name, not in our name because of us but failed in his name.

And God bless us and give us a sense of tenderly rest of wealth and especially interior.

I believe in one God ...