HOMILY OF 5 APRIL 1981 H. 10.30


This is one of the most grandiose of the Gospel because it reveals the power of Jesus, the Incarnate Word, the Son of God and is in a very strong because it was to revive a dead man who was now in decay. It was doing so in front of the sisters who loved Mary Magdalene, the famous sinner converted in full, from which the Lord took away demons freeing 7, Marta and her sister. But even more serious is that there were enemies of Jesus, the Jews who did not want to believe that. Then, just view the resurrection of Lazarus, so wonderful and immediate, at the command authoritative powerful than Jesus, then many of them believed in him is a great thing. And to us?

The fact is really so important for us, for our hearts, for our soul.

I never read this page of the Gospel, not without deep emotion, because it is the truth, and truth is always great. But this is important for another reason, because it allows us to make a question of what to think of us? We need this Gospel? The miracle is hitting us in order to rekindle our deepest faith? Firmly believing in him? Firmly believe is a great word, perhaps needs a brief explanation. I remember that when Jesus said this: “Your prayers are often woven mistrust. I will hide you and maybe you have not aware of this, so you wonder: mah, who knows, the Lord will hear me? The Lord will hear me? “And Jesus replied:” But I am always the same: the Lord God, the Word made flesh among you, for our redemption, made man. They are always the powerful, are always the omniscient, have infinite love, why do not you think? Why hesitate? Your confidence is a barrier that stands up to the faith that is entering and to the grace that is happening there. And behind this barrier that is raised, it stops the faith and grace.

So often, it seems unnecessary to pray.

So this Gospel reminds us that not so Lazarus withdrew even before the death. After all, this Lazarus, is a great miracle, but it is not the first. The widow of Nain, while carrying the child to the burial, before you see the comfort of the miracle: Jesus stopped the procession, standing in silence is the so-called piagnone that were funeral type fanfare from dead: “I say to you: get up!” The returns to his mother alive. It is a miracle.

The daughter of Jairus and another died and another miracle. The poor centurion who was left out because a child was dying, and it leads to Jesus, Jesus says: “I will come.”

No Lord.”

And these words, once the Church had made before the Communion, are now almost forgotten, if they say just a little bit. But the centurion said: “Lord, no, do not come to my house, there is no need. I have under me servants and soldiers to one and say: “do this” and he does so, to do that other “and he does so, to what I say” go from one part “ and that it should be. You can do this. “

Jesus said: “In truth I tell you I have never found so much faith in Jerusalem and in the midst of Israel. I find it in half pagan who believes - and he was half Roman official -. It should be your son is doing well. “

Looked at the time, arrived at home, having marked the path of the sun, the saying that was raised: was good at the same hour in which Jesus had said: “Go, your son is alive, is healthy.”

It is therefore not only a miracle of the dead resurrected, the seriously ill who return to the splendor of health. But mica only then, even then.

I am almost dead raised no surprise there. Five teachers and doctors and assistants, after 92 days of bed hospital, with a fan to be afraid, with five broncopolmoniti rolling, with five pleuriti rolling, with terrible calculations liver and kidney calculations and a terrible speed Blood 130, and septicemia in full, with the drinking water of Lourdes, five professors and three doctors, said, “is over, does not pass the night.” I am still standing now and I arrived at the age of 79 years. It is not the first time.

The miracle continues and that is why these most beautiful pages of the Gospel commuovono, because it is the truth. And responding to the charity and the wisdom of God through faith, we feel that is true.

So why the world is so bad? But because life has so much difficulty? But because the pain we have from all sides? But since the murders, robberies, the defeat, the dangers and, my God!, What awaits us, why? It is clear why. Why we do quickly these things, but overall the universal in the world, we are just four cats at miaows. Five billion people worldwide who are interested in is that of Christ, the Gospel, the resurrection, miracles, love and life of grace, of our eternal heritage? It was accustomed to say yes, so it dies. Yes, you can die, but it is the body that dies, the soul does not die really is immortal and awaits the resurrection of his body which, resurrection, where is the sanctity of life gone, at least the right grace of the Lord; is a resurrection of glory and damned if you find the atmosphere of mortal sin, is a resurrection of damnation. It is a truth and this must saperci thinking, and you know you are trembling.

He said a good day, close enough, Madonna: “Remember, there is mercy, but remember that the righteousness of God is terrible.”

So we, in our interest to take advantage of this splendor of evangelical faith. We charge our hearts with the best will spingiamoci and at the foot of Christ to ask him the tenderness of his understanding, the strength of His Omnipotence and the triumph of His grace.

There is a road who came and got involved with Jesus, were two sisters: Martha and Mary Magdalene. In particular, although the Gospel does not explain everything, is Mary Magdalene who with tears and fervent prayer, the Lord commuove most of all. It is the sister of Lazarus who died with his mother, was a mother who else.

We have something more than the sister of Lazarus, the sisters if you like, we have the Mother of God and our Mother and according to human nature, our greater Sister: Madonna. It is she who will speak and will speak for us, and it is time to give satisfaction to the mother's heart that has made it very clear: “You have trampled on my heart and continue to trample. I wonder love and respond with waves of hatred. “
We do not. We do not. We really want to respond with love.

We ask for the intercession of the Madonna, the full resurrection of our soul, the rest of our beautiful heart and the joy of eternal truth that makes us live the good and better, here on earth and live in eternity splendidly.

We believe in one God ..