In celebration of today touches especially the Immaculate Heart, that is the Heart of Our Lady. The Gospel speaks to the fact that in His Heart Madonna kept all these things.

What things? How many times in life you have asked, you said, probably a kind of note to things that happen, saying, “but because the Lord allows it?”
Or why we talk so? It is strange. Indeed it is strange, right?

Why do we talk to the parents of Jesus, now, Our Lady Mother of the Lord Jesus, but the Father is the Holy Spirit, this is clear. Joseph was neither more nor less, and that the so-called putative Father to save the world, then lived or how we live today is the same soup here, to save a useless talk which no one knew when and where they were beginning to end . The question, then serious and profound, was that God has his plans and no one can argue about him.

He presented the Lord Jesus with your parents and not only true, but relatives and acquaintances and so on, in more then I lost because sperso in the midst of everything else, I thought ... I do not find it, so you lost the Lord Jesus, even though she was very young.

Where is? So I try looking at the end, after a mountain travel back and back to Jerusalem after three days, I found sitting quietly in the temple to discuss with the doctors of the Temple.

In fact in private revelation, one of the most important is the presence in these doctors, the famous, Gamaliel who then converted after having had the big signs in the Fathers spoke, the prophets and so on, all occurring in the coming of the Lord. This is the first note.

According to the Madonna. The questions just saw Jesus in the Temple among the teachers says, “but why have you done so? Here's Your Father, and I ... “

That is also the Madonna, according to the designs of the Lord speaks with words ... so ... clear but inaccurate: precisely because it was putative father, but was not the Father of Jesus, this is loud and clear, because we know that the Holy Spirit adombrò the Blessed Virgin and made the Mother of God

This is full of the Gospel in its riches and so special, especially this is a truth of faith ultra extraordinary. So what? But he, the Lord answered, so here's providence, it allows one to give a speech here that the Evangelist Luke, said that not understood. If I knew then or not, I doubt that ...

The Madonna has certainly happen! Anyway ... So it happened that did not understand your words. Parties then returned to Nazareth, Jesus was with his mother who kept all these things in your heart.

What kept? Mica nothing, right!

Kept all the mystery of the Annunciation, the mystery of His Immacolatezza, the mystery of his kingship because Madonna I felt the great mystery of the divinity of the Son, before which the Virgin for her, there was word that a large essential: prayer , repair, supplication to be a truly Mission in humanity for the glory and greatness of God

Now is not a small matter, but what you remember more then, is that God always substance to these points. I have said on other occasions, when there was the beginning of major heresies, all the enlightenment and so on, the Lord has chosen a beautiful seamstress and then proved to be founded and the devotion to the Sacred Heart: Heart.

Now the sad times, of which we do not ever talk bad enough because they are a plague of shame and terrible things that lie beyond the threshold, including the churches to enter into that concept, what life?

None. A kind of confusion and false faith: in fact a superstition lived with the name of Christians. Hence that the Lord inspires, has aroused the great repair and vitality for the repair of this and a new Heart of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in which they were strung all the great truths that have aroused so wonderful, and questions so on, but the substance was because the response of the Lord - that clear? - “Why I am looking for? Do not you know that I must be in my Father's house? “
Here's the answer, not St. Joseph: My Father, the Heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit of

God's holy will, which was himself.

So the big mysterious mission that's designed almost two thousand years, and again around this, have made so many mistakes and especially the largest, a Pharisaism that never ceases: continuously lived a lie: a blasphemy against the conscience that frightens .

Where is the dignity of the Gospel, the dignity of God?

Where respect for his word?

Who can replace God? Who?

I well remember when the Lord said: “I just am. No one can replace. If anything can be used. I basically have given an example when I celebrated the Passover with My Apostles arrived and also to wash their feet, and so on.
To indicate this, and I teach that I had come to serve and not to be served. This we know those who follow me because, of course, must also not be served, but serve. “
It is a great truth before which there is nothing to do than kneeling, asking God's forgiveness of incomprehensible scemenza which now lives on all sides and give us the grace to correct this huge mistake that must be eroded, by all parties, even the most beautiful and adorable of the Christian faith. This must be done today if we want to do a pleasure to the Virgin Mary, your Immaculate Heart, this constant curse REPAIR forgetting all about the consciousness that is the kingdom of God, God's will and not of men. It is not an insult to the authority's ever been and there will be, but God is irreplaceable and the authority, of course, will do very well to follow what he said to the Lord and then to the great word LOYALTY Evangelical.
Now this truth we must SPOSARLA sacrosanct with the heart, be devoted to this, and throw in the hands of God because He alone, he alone with the great missionary who is His Mother, the Immaculate Virgin and His Immaculate Heart, also with your apostolate , introduce the new times, new activities would say so, and the profound persuasions more faithful, more intimate, more vital and more holy as possible.
We need TRUTH, Santa because the world is terribly SPORCO and there is even caravans police can put in place: only the providence and the will of God will do what God only knows.

So today we say sorry to Madonna that if the world is so adversary, if it is so illogical, if such material is, if it is so blasphemous, if it is so dirty, if so lurido and especially if it is so impure and BUGIARDO. Forgive and obtain these wretches who continue to live on, the sense of recovery, repentance and peace.

We we hope, we ask the Blessed Virgin, the Mass at the bottom is called and says the Gospel, says the liturgy in this respect in a very special way: let the Lord.
Let me tell you one thing, that immediately after the Mass, we will petition to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

At the same time I would ask you to remember that wonderful creature Seer, who for three months and a half are suffering from the evil that has always brought with heroism WORKING and not saying stupid. What is the meaning of at least COMPARED to dignity, truth and purity that is there in that place of residence and peace, which is just that.

So please, remember this.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

We believe in one God ..