I would like to know how, Our Lady, with certainty
May my heart not T'addolora ever, That my previous and my fralezza Inside Your Heart, always stringerai! I understand, Madam, all the tears
Largely simplicity, everything myself Offering to rest, or sweet mother.
Let me of prayer, Mother, with the pure The dress that my spirit covers, That eye vedessevi Yours, in the picture, Your son lives of all the flight.
I, Queen, enlightened eyes
Light omnipotent and all in fire
To get in prayer to Your knees,
For coglierTi, vision, at least a little.
I, or Dolorosa, holy me,
And without the shadow of my misery,
Together with life, a gentle hand
For not seeing more anxious and serious!
Of the Martyrs, Regina, I beg you,
I in my breast Your suffer
That, in my opinion, you, did an “alter ego”

Tied to you, to win or die:
A Cavalier light of Your Diva,
A Messagger Your maternal affection,
A Condottier that reduces all to you,
Come ago, Regina, I should be elected from you!
And you take pity, or sweet Mother,


That the world and I brought to your beautiful Heart,
And back to you, with great crowd,
Of souls ready to live Your love.
I would like Our Lady, possession of humility,
Charity and the infinite nell'alma:
The infantile and dull my words!
I know that nothing ever reaches the Father
By the power of words alone.
It should be what you want, Regina,
We must not think that to you alone
Indulge in you, morning and evening,
Live and hidden as the viola
And sorgeremo, then, in light eternal,
As rekindled, in depth, from drowsiness:
You take, then for me, maternal sense,
And, save, send Your Heart!
I do not know, Our Lady, even I,
I did not see the light for a fund,
I have no ability nor my pensier,
I have no other way, in this cold world.
Only with you, my August Madam,
Divider can day my mortal,
Enlightened by Divine dawn,
Transported by a divine wings.
Hail, Mary, Mother of the Lord,
My Mother is certain that you are,
Give me all the consolarTi hours,
And still the “Sol my eye”.



Father Bonaventura Maria Raschi
Rome, from Sant'Eusebio all'Esquilino, 13 June 1949