In the first joyful mystery we contemplate the Annunciation to Mary the Virgin.

The first mystery that we are contemplating is realized in two separate times:

The mystery in the mind of God: the mystery in his historic achievement.

In the mind of God, a burning desire to be able to communicate to the Blessed Virgin, from all there, as there is from all whole system of the Incarnation.

It is virtually the longing of God's love for the sake of creature. Indeed God creating Mary made the most perfect creature that, despite the most outrageous form of the creation of a man (admired by those who do not know or did not want to remember that a virgin shall conceive a child), could stand against a “Whether done!” your generous willingness to redemption.

In his historic achievement, is the mystery of all employed by the will of the Virgin Mary that exposes the harder cimento its purity (to a scandal) while ensuring that God is in contact with the men in form The most pleases.

From this event, you need to learn to serve the God of love there can be reluctance or calculations human and that when God speaks through the voice of Consciousness costs what costs; You can, not when you need to, jump soul and body into a Whether done! Which at times can play your whole reputation before the eyes of men.


In the second joyful mystery including the visit to the Holy Virgin Mary Elizabeth.

The Virgin Mary went from Saint Elizabeth's cousin when it was about to become the mother of John the Baptist. Concern to be something beneficial to make Mary a woman who runs fast, without a bit of time is wasted by selfishness.

The contingencies of life more than once put man in conditions not want other more fervently that being next to someone. The Our Lady, also worried that, running up the hills to reach her cousin and be ready for all your wishes. It is a matter of altruism that translated into evangelical language is called CHARITY.

If this mystery still wanted to find a longer tied to the real motives that have made the Virgin rush to the house of her cousin, we must bear in mind that the one and the other would become mothers by the will of God directly.

One consideration: If all mothers thought that every man has his destiny linked to a supernatural story like mutual commitment to help serve God among all mothers that there should be mutual concern that Maria was born in Elizabeth and at the thought that God he thought them to the instruments of his will.


In the third joyful mystery we contemplate the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem cabin.

It is the biggest mystery of Christmas.

Protagonists of the admirable story are: God, Mary and Joseph. Around these noble characters twist a scenario of love and sadness at the same time. It seems impossible that love should germinate in the maceration of pain. But it is so.

Perhaps because you get used too often want to see in human events can consume a joy entirely without the slightest thought that the joy belongs to supernatural things; Maybe because God wants us to see that your beloved are no exception to the harsh law of world, for which anyone should ensure participation in the life of God must absolutely every minute to fix an appointment with pain.

But is not this a question by letting die there; That is the assertion that God “will change the sadness in joy.” It is sufficient to note that it solves always glorious as any acceptance of the will of God. Mary and Joseph, after the discouragement of languor of a stable, we will immediately contact with the chorus of Angels and their hearts rejoice at the sight of the shepherds prostrate in adoration.

The joy reserved by God knows who suffer in silence is the sure pledge of our participation in the glory.


In the fourth joyful mystery including the presentation of Jesus in the temple.

For Jesus to wait until there was an old temple priest for years that the long awaited joy to see the Savior of mankind. Simeon was his name. It would be a wonderful thing if you carefully read and meditassi words flowed from the heart of the old priest. It is the song that says all longing for a soul who for many years has lived on this land and to the vision of heaven.

Simeon may be the figure of the municipality. We are given to see Jesus in the species of bread and wine. We can receive it in our hearts, but only the subtlety of our Faith, made from crystalline grace, we can make it clear to what extent are the contacts that we have with God. But it's not every sense of our lives are satisfied with this and it is therefore logical that we feel driven to want a more perfect union with God.

If we know the measure of our faith steps on the path of truth, we may find that the only reason for our live will be able to close a good turn our gaze veiled order to reopen the vision that will enable us to contemplate God face to face .


In the fifth joyful mystery we contemplate the finding of Jesus in the temple.

What did Jesus in the temple? Why had forgotten the parents?

Here are two important questions needed to understand the meaning of this mystery. Jesus disputed with the doctors of the law on important truth of Christianity. And in the dispute has all the appearance of a trascuratore of subservience to parents.

In an act that carries Jesus is a truth that does not accept another explanation: When dealing with the affairs of God there should be no concern.

We still difficult when we are in the temple, sacrificing the world of imagination and remember to put it completely in the service of God. This is an issue which has also committed souls more holy and accustomed to conversations with God.

There is always a whole world of questions that are knocking on mind and who claim to enter. Sometimes the sense discouragement ruin a long sequence of successes in durable conversation with God. There is never stop. What is true is not able to say “we are able to deal with the things of God”, but “I am convinced, more than ever is too necessary for me to look for things of God.” The Lord, who knows our intentions will tell us how to defend ourselves from the whirl of voices who seek to turn away from your attention and maybe even sometimes make us feel the taste of things Sue.