In the first painful mystery we contemplate the prayer of Jesus in the Garden of Olives.

Jesus prays the garden while time of terrible betrayal of Judas is going to take forever.

Around him or her there is none; Even the faithful apostles who were asleep. In your mind insists the anguish of next scourging, crucifixion and death.

To think about it is when a man crashing to the heart to despair. But this will not happen in Jesus, because the belief in the sanctity of your mission supports him.

How Man prays and how God intervenes. The body of a man but can also dissolve if, in front of the bitterness of life there is hope and a heart that still knows pray every difficulties that faced the calculation could seem insurmountable, it will be settled; And the price of pain as will be high all the more closer to eternal joy.


In the second mystery painful to contemplate Jesus scourged column.

It is the assault against cowards of men who can not defend themselves.

The barbarity of all time comes to such statements. If at that time and in regard to Jesus could be the excuse ciurmaglie Jewish because of their ignorance, who repeated today, although only morally, the flogging of a brother did not mitigating the simplest.

Then Jesus could still seem a subverter of Jewish law; Today those ravaging his brother Christian is a real distorted that tries not know the most basic laws of nature.

It is only by an act of reparation and love that we can erase blows inflicted on meat from so many Christians affected by the Moro denatured.


In the third mystery painful including the crowning with thorns.

In addition to the mistreatment and even scorn, moreover, based on blood.

It may not suffice death for a criminal? No! We must straziarlo.

It is the law of those who filled with lust not know make a cruel act without seeking the subtlety of cruelty. The crowning with thorns is the expression of a spirit determined to vent all the misery that holds up to strength.

There are, among men, these abominable beings. It is the duty of those who know them see withhold their hand with a continuous prayer to God that His infinite mercy them repent at least in the time of this earthly life.


In the fourth painful mystery we contemplate the journey of Jesus to Calvary.

Only a few pitiful souls accompany the journey of Jesus with tears. Most are blasphemers angry that every drop of Jesus tellers to repeat hardship on hardship.

But it is possible that the majority of humanity must belong to the kingdom of beasts and piety that is the characteristic of the few?

Faced injustice man must decide, at the cost of derision and lynching, to piety. It is never wrong to side to the weak, especially when he suffers injustice.

If humanity knew remember not to do to others what you would not want to be done unto herself, could be certain of securing the mercy of God. But unfortunately forget and not to know. Why God should rightly provide forgetting his infinite mercy.


In the fifth mystery painful including the crucifixion of Jesus.

Jesus gave everything for Redemption. More than life thing you can give?

It is not to be believed that God, calling your colleagues in Redemption, we require martyrdom. The martyrdom of blood is an exception.

But the fact remains that we must have as one of the purposes of our existence not to leave anything effort for the salvation of humanity. Each as God wants.

We have many resources for this purpose and some verging death. Escape of sin, the spirit of self-sacrifice, altruism and so on. All chapters of the great events of human life.

The Blessed Virgin has spent his entire life with these characteristics, sacrificing his will to that of God, without suffering the scaffold of the cross of wood.

The example of Coredemptrix of mankind, applies to us for a decisive action in the framework of the Redemption of mankind.