In the first mystery we contemplate the glorious resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The dizzying life that involves us in a distraction without limitations, can be the most formidable enemy of our spirit making dull fine concentrations religious.

It is sick of distraction.

He died of distraction.

We need to heal.

We must rise.

Jesus rose from the dead may, in its infinite power and love us the favor of applying his powerful love, the work of our resurrection.

Why, it is also true that we, like Jesus after risorgeremo dead at the end of the world. But that applies rise in the body unless it is mainly a soul that has risen from evil?

With a soul dead in the supernatural, the Grace of God, the body suffer the death of sin and hell become his home.

Soul risen to Grace into heaven the body.

The resurrection of sin is the secret of everlasting love and happiness.

Pray for this mystery for the Providence renaissance to good.


In the second mystery we contemplate the glorious ascension of Jesus into heaven.

Ascendere mean climb from the bottom up.

But it is clear that the essence Ascension is intellectual, moral and religious.

One can climb down.

When Our Lady was in his poor house of Nazareth, was physically to earth, but your mind, your heart, your soul were a continuous ignition of thoughts and emotions.

Those saints who fell in solitude caves as their foot down in isolation, their saliva to happy soul intimacy with God.

You can have a current ascension, if you stick to the examples of the Virgin and the Saints, which will take you away from worldly sorrows and dirtiness.

As a proportion of your spiritual ascension taking you to heaven after the end of the world, even with the body.

Now apply the doctrine of St. Paul, who said: “Our conversation is in heaven.”


In the third glorious mystery including the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Virgin Mary and the apostles.

How was the way down that the Spirit of God?

Of course it was not only outside, almost like a shell defense and light on the path, but also and above all.

The Holy Spirit descended on the soul.

He came in the minds and enlightened.

He came in the middle and created a flame of love.

He came in and will yield strong heroic.

It is what we need and where we are terribly poor.

If when we speak have similar gifts, our word is safe and happy, our apostolate is fruitful.

We must take refuge in the arms of Our Lady and with your help, invoke the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Your life has more need much more, the Spirit of God and the bread.

The Spirit of the Lord should be our daily bread.


In the fourth glorious mystery is contemplated taking Holy Mary in the sky.

The Our Lady rises to heights unspeakable.

The secret of his mysterious ascend is the engine that is inside you.

This mysterious engine is the God who lives within, and that gave him the fullness of grace, namely, the divine life dell'Immacolato Your Heart.

The thing is partially repeated in a great saint little known: the Holy flights, Joseph of Cupertino, who only heard the name of Jesus, hovered so impressive at the top and remained there until the voice of obedience not reported on the ground.

This mystery has a deep and substantial similarity with that of the Ascension, because it is always God who ascends and brings the creature that has been entrusted to him.

It is the marriage of the mystical which takes us in his kingdom of peace and goodness.

Tried without stopping to be in union with him and feel the mysterious impulses that lead you to heaven.


In the fifth mystery we contemplate the glorious coronation of the Virgin Mary and the glory of the Angels and Saints.

The coronation is the triumph of a structure.

The Our Lady is the masterpiece of God, and is the greatest work of the Lord in the order of creation.

After played his plan, the High crowns your work, your masterpiece.

Our joy is, in addition to everything, to know that the Incoronata has the character of Mother of us all.

The glory of Mother is the glory of the children, so the children will be crowned in the crown of Mary.

Thus, the Virgin crowned, including the glory of children who have followed.

The triumph of you is ours.

Your Heaven is our paradise.

Your eternity is our eternity.

She has already arrived; We are on the move.

This we must not forget this ever, because form and the only real consolation that we can support during the struggle for the kingdom.

Think and pray for the realization of this program.