N. 9 - YEAR XXX - OCTOBER 1977



In the First Sorrowful Mysteries is contemplated the prayer of Jesus on the Mount of Olives.

Had finished the Last Supper of the Lord with the establishment of the Divine Sacrifice, Jesus fell with the Apostles slopes dell'Ofel and had embarked on the Mount of Olives to pray and give dolorosissimo and tragic start to His Passion .

His prayer was sore and distressed. Jesus so wet your blood, waiting for the traitor and Skirmish of the Temple that I bring forth.

For this first stage of the tragic generosity to ask him the courage of faith in the sufferings of life.


According to the Sorrowful Mysteries is contemplated the scourging of Jesus is by column.

Even with this dreadful half, that can give death, Jesus pays the sins of all humanity, especially the sin of lust and hatred.

It is painful to note the finding that those sins will always make new vehemence and hateful fradicia and the lives of men.

We pray often and with good will for forgiveness and purification for the whole of humanity so troubled and distant from the Lord.


In the Third Sorrowful Mysteries is contemplated the crowning of thorns.

This unspeakable suffering that Jesus strazia already proven terribly missed by night, the sweat of blood, the betrayal of Judas, the struggle of the courts of Caiaphas and Pilate, the scourging, is impressive, and appalled at the thought that there is still a whole the road to Calvary, which will have the great moral pain of meeting the Immaculate Mother afflittissima His passion and torn from him

We pray that, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, God will forget our deep responsibility and give us his peace.


In the Fourth Mystery pain includes the ascent of Jesus to Calvary load of the Cross.

Exhausted as it was, Jesus heard the rest on the shoulders heavy wood of the Cross and the executioners who pushed the painful down the road.

The beloved Savior falls three times under the weight of his execution, and this is your exhaustion, that the centurion is the fear that Jesus died before arriving at the site of the crucifixion, while the Roman law provides that the offender must come alive the execution of the sentence.

It is necessary to understand the painful journey of Jesus made in the physical ultra-rending.

We pray that for this martyrdom, Jesus grant us always to walk on the path to salvation.


In the Fifth Sorrowful Mysteries is contemplated the crucifixion and death of Jesus on the Cross.

Having thought about all the pain indicibilmente rending of Jesus in all your immense moral pain is so compelled to see Him nailing on the cross and death hung in nails, while, below, agonizza pain of your beloved and Immaculate Mother.

Thinking of this, one can imagine a bit what Jesus has suffered for us and what has suffered the Madonna for the same reason.

We pray that Jesus and Mary have not suffered in vain for our salvation and of all mankind.