N. 11 - YEAR XXX - NOVEMBER 1977



In the First Mystery is contemplated Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

This event is the seal of assurance to the word preached by Jesus and those who preach the Apostles, Bishops, priests and all those who work for the Kingdom of God

We thank Jesus for giving us this great miracle and preghiamoLo that we too can one day rise in His Glory.


According to the mystery is contemplated Glorious Ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven.

After the Resurrection Jesus gave wonderful wonderful appointments and visits with his apostles taught and preparing them to be the masters and the martyrs of the Divine Word.

Then, one day, after talking, went up to heaven, filling the hearts of the Apostles of wonder and happiness because they could see, with this, the power and greatness of Jesus

Ask for the grace to be us one day, inebriated vision of Jesus and glory, here on earth, to always know how to walk and work with the mind to heaven.


The Third Mystery Glorioso is contemplated the descent of the Holy Spirit.

The Apostles were now in the habit of being all together in the Upper Room under the guidance of the maternal and Madonna was here that runs so vehement the Holy Spirit on them.

From this event came renewed, enlightened, brave, wise, strong and full of love for God and neighbor.

We pray to the Virgin that is the Bride of the Holy Spirit to obtain the gift of him that you walk on the safe way to heaven.


In the Fourth Glorious Mystery is contemplated] 'Assumption of Mary into heaven.

It is now also for the solemn moment Madonna ascending into heaven.

Jesus had ascended to his strength because he is God, the Virgin is taken by force of God as Jesus, the Madonna is in heaven glorious body and soul.

One day we will play for the full resurrection of the body with the soul and we will be happy in eternity.

Let us pray to the Blessed Virgin that we get a holy death and glorious resurrection.


In the Fifth Glorious Mystery is contemplated the coronation of Mary, and the glory of all the angels and all the saints.

After years of loyalty and immaculate atrocious suffering physical, moral and religious, the Queen of All Saints and Martyrs of all is, the Divine Son, crowned.
That solemnity appear in all its splendor evidence of the glory of all the angels and all the saints.

We are happy to know by faith, the triumph of the Blessed Virgin Mary in heaven.

We want to work earnestly to happen because the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on this earth.

Madonna to reward those who do so will help us with all their means.