In the first joyful mystery we contemplate the Annunciation of the Angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary.

In the history of Humanity many were favoured with messages from heaven to those on earth. At the beginning of humankind, following Adam's sin, God Himself promised that the demon would be defeated. He gave his blessing to our forefathers, promising multitudes of descendants as well as salvation.
The prophets also promise marvels to come for a vast spiritual kingdom amongst men.
With the Annunciation of the Angel the new era began and with it the fulfilment of the promises and the prophecies.
The Holy Virgin takes in her hands the fate of mankind and offers herself to God as an instrument to fulfil his plans.


In the second joyful mystery we contemplate the visit of the Most Holy Mary to Saint Elizabeth.

Within souls there is a strange attraction. Each one looks for his kindred spirit in order to fulfil that need for love and sharing of confidences and that desire to be as comfortable with others as he is with himself.
Mary had a cousin. After the Angel told her of her cousin's miraculous maternity Mary hastened to help her and to enjoy a spiritual dialogue with her.
Their encounter was a marvellous revelation of their souls. There was never a friendship so elevated, so comforting, so comprehensive.
Pray to Mary to enrich your spirit with virtue so that it will be possible to meet people who are spiritually privileged and in such resemble St Elizabeth.


In the third joyful mystery we contemplate the birth of Jesus in the stable of Bethlehem.

In Bethlehem, in this rustic Stable out in the open countryside , surrounded by the heavenly Firmament and by the greens of nature, Mary gives to the world the Son of God, the Author of Life.
The Angels sing their hymns of glory, the shepherds experience an immense and mysterious joy: full of this divine sensation they hurry to the manger to adore the born Redeemer.
Think of how Jesus must have appeared to them in his beauty, enrapturing and comforting at the same time.
And to think, people say that they didn't even have the knowledge about him that you yourself have!
In them there was a simplicity of heart and a purity of mind that came from their sober way of welcoming life.
They saw the Lord before their eyes, but to you it is given to welcome Him inside your soul through the Holy Eucharist and its graces.
He spent only a short amount of time in the manger, but, in you, if you so desire, he will live forever as a sweetest guest, protector, and intimate friend.


In the fourth joyful mystery we contemplate the presentation of the child Jesus at the temple.

In the temple, school of God, and among the priests, ministers or men in the service of God, the Lord promulgates and sanctifies his activities through time.
Jesus Himself, the God-Man, wished to subject himself to the customs of the Jewish religion and to present Himself to the priests in order to be consecrated to the Holy Father.
Extraordinary things happen in the Temple.
The aged Simeon recognizes in Him the long-awaited Saver and he summarizes his life as a "Sign of contradiction".
By the attitude that we take before Him we show either our goodness or badness of soul. There is also Anna, the octogenarian prophetess. After so many prayers and penitence, she is rewarded. Full of joy, she proclaims to all the arrival of the Divine Console.
And you?
What is your reaction?
Do you find in the Temple the growth of your union with God, do you find holy and benevolent inspirations and strength in the face of adversity?


In the fifth joyful mystery we contemplate the finding of Jesus amongst the Doctors of the Temple.

Mary and St. Joseph have lost Jesus.
Their pain was immense and providential. This was all part of the expiatory sacrifice that was needed for the Reign of God to come for humanity.
After three days of searching Mary and her Holy Spouse found Jesus again with an inexpressible joy in their hearts.
What a torrent of praise and thanks giving must have poured forth from her, who had given us the Redeemer.
In her most loving embrace Mary, showered Jesus with all the love and Kindness of all those good people who both in the past and future have enjoyed Jesus's divine presence and the way that each one of us should desire to enjoy His presence.
Pray to Mary that she will bestow your soul with this Same joy.