In the first glorious mystery we contemplate the Resurrection of Jesus.

The Madonna in Bethlehem gave birth to Jesus in the full load of the adoration and the joy of Her Heart. In the three days that followed Christ's death Mary locked, in Her Heart, the Holy Sepulchre with an action of intense love and a burning inclination to give life again to whom was closed inside it. She! Divine created maternity, the universal parent, could not remain absent to the fact of the resurrection. As she first conceived in her mind and then in her body, she was then first Queen of the prophets, and implored and lived the divine design to win death. That maternity that had spread of beauty what God had planned in the eternal glorious vision, wanted to illuminate with Its face also the tomb and to give to Her Son the character of absolute and universal Winner. In Jesus revived, the created is overwhelmed with the new beauty and humanity opens to vision of consoling hope, because also death serves the Glory of the sons of God.


In the second glorious mystery we contemplate the Ascension of Jesus to Heaven.

One day, while the Lord was giving His last instructions and His most tender goodbyes, surrounded by more than five hundred disciples, he began to depart from earth, followed by the delighted looks of his disciples until he disappeared in the Glory. He disappeared and said that with the same Glory he would return. The heart of the Christian should always watch the Sky to see if up there the Son of God our brother would appear. He will appear. But it is sure that he postpones his appearance in order to fill up our heart with nostalgia and desire for it. Jesus has said to us that he comes to let us understand that he is always with us with lively desire to make us happy.


In the third glorious mystery we contemplate the landing of the Holy Spirit on Mary Virgin and the Apostles Gathered together again in the Cenacle.

With the Pentecost a new life is spread upon the world and humanity learns a new language to be spoken with a new interlocutor. New concepts enter our intelligence and a new power come in to our service. The wealth of the spirit over grows our possibilities, since it is God himself that comes to talk with us. It is not only revelation, but of that intimate and instilled sense that pushes us to understand and to taste how much has been revealed. Of that faculty of faith thanks which we can judge if something is or is not according with holiness. In the Cenacle there are the Apostles, and Mary, centre of wisdom, guides them in the celestial conversation. She prepares them for the great event, she reveals them Jesus's depth, she refines their judgement and leads them so far in the heart of wisdom that she cannot do more. Pray that the Holy Virgin increase in you the work of the Holy Spirit.


In the fourth glorious mystery we contemplate the Asuncion of Virgin Mary in the Sky.

Mary, already Saint and full of love in the same moment of Her conception, with great easyness multiplied actions of the highest virtues and immensely grew in the acquaintance and the love of God to become inflamed. Immaculate mother of God, absorbed in the Celestial things, in nothing She spoke about earth. When She arrived to the last moment of permanence down here She did not lack other than the continuous and immediate vision of Paradise. Her Saintest body favoured in all intelligence Mary's will because Her privileged inclination pushed it to quiet in the spirit. Since that Saintest body was been born without the germs of the concupiscence and was glorified by the birth of Jesus, God and the same spirit of the Virgin Blessed soul did not abandon it to it self; but with ineffable triumph they carried it in the Sky, placed in the Glory at the side of the Son's.


In the fifth glorious mystery we contemplate the coronation of Mary Virgin and the Gloria of the Angels and the Saints.

As soon as Mary was introduced in Paradise, she saw herself surrounded by Celestial Glory and, in front of the Blessed souls the Spirits who waited for her with expectation she was crowned Queen of the Sky and the earth by the SS. Trinity.
Then the Glory of Mary was full and in all her being with which God thought the unpolluted beauty fired.
The Angels admired in Her a new order of a bettar perfection then their and such that after God cannot be any greater.
At that sight the beatitude of all the Spirits and of all the blank spirits, and through the Glory of Mary they acquired a greater acquaintance of God and they felt more wrapped in the divine love.
It needs not saying that the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mother receiving in her the praises and the prayers of the Celestial court amplified in order to always offer them to Her Son and with Him to the SS. Trinity.
Pray that what is carried out in the Sky happens also on the earth, and that all the hearts that throb down here are unified in them to praise God and obtain mercy.