O Blessed Massimiliano Maria, you who lived the Franciscan idea so completely, and you who were created to be the safest way to Heaven by entrusting yourself as Property of the Immaculate Heart so that Mary could do with you as she pleased, obtain for me too this light and this strength to give myself over entirely to the Immaculate Heart.
And you who knew how to give your own life to save that of your neighbour, obtain for me the gift of being truly generous.
I appeal to you now in your goodness as both an Angel and a martyr, asking you to intercede for me to the Immaculate Heart on behalf of the grace I so desire ( here make the request of the intention desired)….
I thank you from the depths of my heart and I beg you to never abandon me.

1Our Father, …1 Hail Mary, … 1 Glory be ….