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On a 3 FEBRUARY 1980

... It appeared the Madonna, so that I, well let's go far away, the Virgin appeared on the mountain de la Salette. Against all. Today the Salesian missionaries who guard the Temple of the Shrine, have the courage to act against two wonderful visionaries, Melania, and the other Massimino. It always amazed that say the same thing. Think that does not understand French, just understand their dialect. Madonna spoke to them in French.

... If I say that Our Lady appeared here in Monte Fasce, say: Father Raschi was hysterical, mah, man, it will also be some 'old age that makes so ...
Gentlemen but miracles are miracles, the greatness of truth is truth, and maybe there will be Madonna in a first-hand what is the disobedience to the charity and the lack of a true faith.

On a 29 MAY 1980 AT 17

... At the foot of the Immaculate, specifically to your Immaculate Heart, we try to get something very useful or even necessary, for our lives.

... I read, forgive me if still dwell for a moment, read a book a few pages, a short brochure some 'Grossetto, written by a very intelligent man, a professor at the University of Rome, assistant to the newspaper in Italy, then a Roman observer, professorone is true, but a very serious man, is a Monsignore: Spadafora. He has written a very interesting booklet, which should seek to read it, “Fatima and the plague of socialism.”

... A prophecy of the great and venerable creature, Sister Elena Aiello, founder of the Missionaries of passion. You saw in the vision of these things and saw these things: the red flag hoisted on the dome of St. Peter, “Ah!”, The Pope attacked by a kind of robbers, they are to kill. Madonna arrives, these evil men fall to the ground, dead. Madonna covers with your mantle, the Holy Father, and it raises the comfort is with him.

... It is the hour of triumph dell'Immacolata that probably is not very far away.
He said the good Father Maximilian in Rome in 37, speaking at dell'Immacolata: “It is neither a dream nor away as long as the Immaculate will be enthroned at the hands of your own soldiers, in the same streets of Moscow.” So

... Let your maternal heart and we are serene in his lovely, powerful and motherly protection, and so we can live our days in faith and hope of the sweet Christ our Redeemer, the Virgin Mother and our Heavenly Father who cares for all good our respect.
Think about this, pray for this and you live in this life, will have a different tone and will have a different pace.


On a 19 OCTOBER 1980

... We know that there is a war. I do not do the job dell'uccellaccio bad omen, but I can not betray the truth. The war will expand tremendously and look over the world. And in this grave moment, and tell me it is true that you feel the gravity of the moment? Yes, some of us, but it is useless to pretend that the world is governed by any one of us. You see what it costs to govern a state, how many discussions, many disputes. We arrived proudly in public life in the form of two names that are the two currents, which are the two ideas and try to lighten or darken two kinds of life: the power of the laity and the stream of believers.

It's not that the laity are seen as non-believers, but the laity, who are less than God, are worse than infidels are those who allow God to evict from life, to deny him a stay in our midst and to impede any measure that God takes in our lives. And our policy today is formed by parties and parties lay believers.

I do not know if those are really believers who believe, do not take the hypocrisy of the defense really Beghini But it is certain that this defense is there and there is this division and this is no mistake, and that this insult and blasphemy c 'is.
In practice, since we are in a sanctuary of Our Lady, if we want something, I would call the Hermitage, one of Madonna Eremo here, here is a hermitage. We are in a Monastery of Our Lady, and then in a prayer that is supposed to, even inspired. Well, in this environment, in this environment I can comment on a piece of what is active and present history of the Madonna and consequently of God that this wonderful creature is used for good.

... So here today with good heart, honest, bare of any antipathy and all hatred, filled with tenderness of love and forgiveness, we turn to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin and in the name of faith that is, that little that is, in what we should be and above all in the name of the witness on the ground when she attended his Divine Son and attended the Church, in the name of this faith which is love, grant us the grace and peace good. We still hope even if the dams are broken, even if the sea of misery every invaded the land, even if the hate today is the flag that dominates in every way, we pray with tenderness, love to work because of the Blessed Virgin peace and the good returns in the poor world.


Ask the Our Lady on this day, here with your feet, ask this gift, complete, full clean.

How do I say these things? I imagine you as for me to tell you these things? How security I can tell you these things? Who am I? I am a poor friar, quite poor with 77 years behind him, some acciacco in the legs and then, a bit of idiocy in your pocket.

However this is that Brother must tell you how to do it. How do? The Our Lady said on the eve of Fatima, here on 12 this month. What say? He said: Woe to the world that is going its own way and so on, including all priests, friars, nuns Cardinals, all of those who should not be on the right track; Eh are, are, will be short, under the weight of discipline maternal, a loving discipline but decided, and the rest? The remainder of the rest said to pray.

You know how many times he said pray? In row seven times: pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray. Then he added another thing that you know not, I do not know if you know, I think a long time says: penance, repentance, penance, repentance, penance, repentance, penance. Ah! This one wants you. If inventassi I would say that is still, I say, then I do not know, but what he says Our Lady knows.

Then the inevitable condition of prayer and penance, which basically is the program of all the Apparitions, especially Fatima, as well as a la Salette and why not say so? As hence, the condition is only one prayer and penance. But word is, believe it is speaking, we continually tested: a providence unparalleled, a truly powerful and, above all, a great and wise provision. The Our Lady knows what we are doing.


2nd DECEMBER 1979

(…) The revolution has already begun. It began a long time ago. Do not say that people have never thought of it, that this is only one of our ideas and that we are too easily upset… No. The revolution has begun. And Satan is at its head. And he is the leader. But why do these things happen?

(…) But Our Lady had warned us. Who? Us? Well, not exactly us if we mean us all. I am not in the group because I was warned, but I am not worth much. If I speak of these things, we are like crazy people, like dreamers, like hysterics, we imagine a lot of exaggerated things, we imagine it is not true. Have I any right to say so? Who did Our Lady speak for?

(…) Our Lady said She wanted the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. And that, through this consecration, She would give gifts of ineffable peace, we would be peaceful. And if this hadn’t happened, then Russia would have spread its mistakes and its violence all over the world, its doctrine. But who led the people in arms in the streets? The priests? Is it the church who has taught so? Is it the honest citizen who has taught so? Who has done so? I leave this question to you.

(…) And then these mistakes spread all over the world. The disorders have no more measure. Our Lady has been very precise. Ah! But exactly, what did She ask for? But She asked for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart.

(…) And we watch the disasters, the earthquakes. “But there have always been! Earthquakes, for God’s sake! Bad weather? But sure, but our whole life has always been so! But let’s not have strange ideas! Violence? But sure, but when a man has a weapon it is always so, for God’s sake!”

(…) Has it always been so? To who are you saying so?

(…) I’m 77 years and a half and I still have some memory, as a boy, as a young man, I have never lived in such terrible times.

8th DECEMBER 1979

(…) It will be the Virgin’s Victory. And has the battle already begun? Yes, it has, and our Lady proclaims it so: “ The second war between Heaven and Hell.”

(…) I say so with pleasure because this is the Church of the Virgin, this is the Sanctuary of the Virgin, it is the memory of the great apostle of the Virgin , our father Maximilian Kolbe, the blessed martyr who gave his life in the horrors of Auschwitz under the tyranny of German torture. Well, in this church, for this church, even before this Sanctuary was built, Our Lady finished Her sentence: “ I am the Immaculate Conception, I am the source of Mercy.”

So She is the source of Providence, the source of restoration, the source of forgiveness, the source of the victory over Satan. And so it is beautiful that from these walls and in these walls, Our Blessed Virgin’s great promise is repeated.

(…) Our Lady is the key to every blessing. Her being Immaculate purifies us and assures us a peaceful life even among the troubles of the dreadful present situation.

(…) The shot against Satan must be ours. Well, but what shall we do so few? Where is Satan? Don’t ask : where Satan is, because he is almost omnipresent like God. Don’t ask : “What shall we do? We are so few…” The apostles were twelve and one betrayed. They remained eleven and had to think about replacing the empty place. They were few but they faced the whole world. They gave everything for the great ideal. They are the founder Saints and the mainstays of the Church. And they are those who teach us the secret of victory. And the secret of victory, we know, Our Lady has always repeated it in Her recent apparitions: “penance, prayer and penance”. Ah! Is this the secret? But then instead of the victory, we are defeated, we are obliged to do penance, and, more over, to pay with prayer. No. It isn’t paying: it’s winning. Remember well that Satan is not defeated with violence, “Replace your sword, because he that strikes with the sword, shall be stricken with the scabbard.” Jesus told Peter.

It’s not with violence that we win over Satan. Christ won with His death on the Cross. It’s with sacrifice, it’s with immolation. Here is why Our Lady said:“ penance and prayer, prayer and penance.” This is the secret of victory. And we will win with this pair of prayer and penance. And we will fulfil it for the best; without giving up courage because She is the one who leads the battle, She is the Queen of Victory. She is.

So, we kneel to the Virgin and ask Her to fill us with Her grace, which makes us powerful, selfconfident, happy and, above all, the possessors of an inexpressible peace which is the strength of victory and the strength of harmony, happy sons and daughters of God, God’s heirs.

1st JANUARY 1980

… I am sorry to say something a little too big, but just think what you want, I speak in the name of God and before God.

The Lord said, one day, that our soul, our body, our being, by virtue of this sacrament of the Eucharist adorable presence, has the privilege of having your blood that flows in our veins, that He is present in bodily for us, and that if you believe then that speaks, it is he who speaks, and hopes heavenly blessings and consolations, it is he hopes that through our lip. What if our lives lip of chatter, fattarelli, nonsense or slander, this is a betrayal. It is a betrayal to our dignity, is a betrayal of our mission, is a betrayal to our Christian light.

One thinks of this? I also wonder to myself. Father, we think of this?


17th FEBRUARY 1980

(…) I remember when, a short time ago, Our Lady told us: “be poor, be poor, be poor; richness has destroyed Christianity and has led it to paganism “. Very true.

(…) I remember very well one sentence in a revelation where a fellow met Jesus, he didn’t know Him and asked : “Who are you?” I’m Infinite Mercy. Here is the Lord. It’s true. Infinite Mercy.

16th MARCH 1980

(…) I remind you of the classical words, which I have never forgotten and which I have often recalled, when for the opening of this Sanctuary Our Lady said these precise words: “ Whoever will come to this Sanctuary of mine, I’ll never forsake him.”

(…)Does Our Lady ask us to do something? Of course, She asks us to do something, you already know, She has repeated it over and over again thousands of times: “prayer and penance, prayer and penance”.


13th MAY 1980

(…) Our Lady’s message is terrible. Remember that we are on the verge of a terrible ruin and I don’t say it to dishearten you but to invite you, with fervour and a total sincerity of the heart, to prayer so that Our Lady may assist us.

We are running the risk of being dominated by Satan, we are running the risk of living in the catacombs, in concentration camps.

Let’s not forget that this punishment follows its own path and we pray so that God’s Mercy may shorten it and for the tenderness of Our Blessed Virgin’s prayer and for our fearful and anxious prayers.

So today, 13th May, Our Lady has been here too and She has warned us very seriously.

We know that Our Lady said : “ prayer and penitence”.

My God, we don’t lack penitence! We are offered a lot by life. We must pray both to generously offer our penitence and to receive the tender assistance of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart to whom we are deeply and totally consecrated. These walls are a miracle, they were born notwithstanding the many impediments and hostilities that still continue today against the Virgin and against this Sanctuary, and inside these walls we are peaceful and assured of the promise and of the power of the Holy Virgin.

(…) Let’s place our trust in Her and let’s say with a great hope which is a certitude : “ Immaculate, Your crusade will triumph.” And it will indeed.

Let’s rest in Her wonderful and powerful promise, in the tenderness of Her Immaculate Heart and in the joy of our feeble but sincere prayer in this holy day. And may Our Lady bless us all together.

13th JULY 1980

That is why, at this temple, Our Lady said: Who will foot in this sanctuary My great – great She calls him sanctuary, then, who knows why, I do not know – in this My great Shrine, I do not, forsake more.

It is not a puppet, is the Our Lady. That's where the will is something that only with God, then the promise is truly strong and true.

25th AUGUST 1980

Remember that once we Our Lady said: I want the genuine spirits.

Genuine, is a great word! Much word the word genuine. It means just pure pure, true, here.

I hope to me, without doubt, I do not want to stay really scemo half, and then I hope I for me, but I hope for you.

28th SEPTEMBER 1980

The Lady gave only two means for the salvation prayer and penance.

My God! There is so much penance. There remains that I and offering to the Lord in repentance and forgiveness of our sins. But there is little prayer, little and often poorly made. It costs so little! What you fear that the tax increase taxes if you pray? That fear is to pray? What does it cost? The more that God sees in secret and you can pray without words.

Prayer and penance, is the day itself than this. If you knew how many pain these events cost to the souls who are victims offered to justice of God voluntarily, generously, we can liberate from evil! If you knew this,'d much more deeply to these truths. However just the Gospel.

23th NOVEMBER 1980

(…) The world is only laying traps, betrayals, tragedies and you are perceiving it now and you are going to perceive it even more. Be faithful. I said it once and I repeat it : against this intrusive sorrow which is quickly spreading more and more there are some words :”Don’t worry son, I promise, you will soon have My triumph, it will be magnificent.” These words and this voice belong to the Mother of Love.

5th APRIL 1981 at 10.30

(…) One day not long ago Our Lady said: “ remember: mercy exists but remember that God’s justice is terrible.

(…) We have The Mother of God and our Mother and according to Her human nature our elder sister: Our Lady. She intervenes and will intervene in our favour, and it’s high time we gave satisfaction to this motherly Heart that said so clearly: “ you have trampled on my Heart and you continue to trample on It. I ask for love and you answer with waves of hate.”

We don’t, we don’t. We really want to answer with love.

(…) For Our Lady’s intercession, let’s ask for the resurrection of our soul , for the wonderful rest of our heart and the lasting joy that makes us alive here on earth and wonderfully alive in Heaven.

2nd MAY 1981 at 16.30

(…)In any place we can pray our Lady and from this Altar I willingly give you advice, but, but, it’s clear that the Virgin has some will.

I talk about it because the Virgin has come here several times. The last time was on the last 20th February at ten o’clock in the morning.

When this sanctuary was opened, the Virgin said:” I will never desert those who come to this sanctuary of mine.” Don’t forget these words, you would make our Lady’s promise empty. You have been lucky enough to come here, the Virgin will never desert you, unless you have a kind of revolution in the mind and say: “but I don’t believe it” and everyone is free to believe it or not but then he must bear the consequences.

So this is the issue. In conclusion we are in a place which is blessed by the Virgin. Besides, I remember that digging the foundations of this temple, digging, one day and only that time wearing black, She was sowing. The Virgin was sowing and said these precise words: “I’m sowing the graces one day you will pick up in this sanctuary of mine.” Why She called it great I don’t know, but these were the very words. Then ? Then, everything supports the same thesis, because the time will come and probably it won’t be very far, in which we will see the hour of the world become more and more serious than it is now, but we will also see our Blessed Virgin’s precise, wonderful, powerful and sure action.

(…) May we know if, by any chance, the Virgin has given us a weapon to protect ourselves in any time? Sure, we can, and you know it : the beads. I don’t mean the Rosary as a prayer, we already know that the Virgin asked for the prayer of the Rosary. But I tell you the beads, the object with which you say the Rosary. The Virgin said:” wear it, have it in a pocket, but bring it always with you: it’s the only powerful salvation.

Everyone is free to believe it or not. But it’s clear that the time of the Virgin is more and more powerful and I, I praise you because you have chosen a place of prayer of Mary, for Mary. I should say you have been lucky because you have chosen a place which has been specifically chosen by the Virgin for these times, so you have come into the Virgin’s will or at least in the Virgin’s Providence. And doing this, you have signed the decree for your protection and for the beauty of your times, but above all what is more important for eternity.

6th MAY 1981

(…) Our Lady asks you insistently, with motherly insistence, for the prayer for the Holy Father, for the Holy Father because he is really holy, among other things. And She asks you for it, She has repeated it eleven times: “pray for the Holy Father”, pray for the Holy Father, again and again. And hasn’t She asked for anything in return? Yes, She has. She has asked so: “prayer, penitence and fast”.

Then, prayer, penitence and fast be the crown covering with thankfulness Our Lord’s gifts to receive from Him the assurance that all the good we need may be realized in its fullness.

11th OCTOBER 1981

(…) The word of Our Blessed Virgin has come to our help and has said very clearly, I have already said it once and I repeat it today: Our Lady was asked if there were any good people praying, Our lady answered : “not the 2%, maybe only 1%”. 1%. So, 5 thousand millions of the earth’s population, 1% gives us 50 millions which, with the language of Maths and not very precise calculations, leads us to the consideration that 4 thousand and 950 millions human beings are far from God.

And this is the world’s tragedy. God can’t be offended in this way and for this I tell you that the great punishment is already ahead, it has already begun. Forgive me if I seem the bird of ill omen, but it’s not true, I love you all and I say so only to let your heart resume its way in the best way.

(…) God means to purify the world and He has all the rights. He means to purify His Church and His rights are thousands times more: His Church where, in a sea of clergymen, passions walk more than love, selfishness more than generosity.. It’s a shame but it is so. And God can’t stand the white clothes of His Church founded on His love and on his blood, He can’t stand His church being stained by the mud of misbelief and perversion. So purification is clearly right.

(…) I remember a holy nun who died a short time ago in the odour of sanctity, who used to tell me: “Father, I have the certitude, given by God, that soon people will look for a priest and they won’t find him; they will look for a communion and they won’t find it.” We are looking for. We are looking for, but if we are so few priests and in such bad conditions, it’s clear that the quest is slow and ineffective.

20th DECEMBER 1981

(…) Here is why it’s not exaggerated to say that doing Our Lady’s will is doing Our Lord’s will. It’s very true.

(…) I remember when this Sanctuary was opened. One day came a teacher, evidently she was a very intelligent woman and she was even quite renowned because she was maybe the most faithful copy of my deceased friend, the great teacher Sciacca. Professor Sciacca, the great thinker of our times, the one who enlightened the whole world with his christian catholic philosophy. And this disciple came and saw what Our Lady wrote here : I’m the Immaculate Conception, I’m the source of Mercy – and she said : “Father but this is exaggerated! God is the source not Our Lady.”

I told her: “notwithstanding your intelligence, young lady, notwithstanding your culture, you show a serious and terrible emptiness in your same culture, but above all in your faith, why would God be the source of Mercy? The source is the one which gives away the water it receives from the origin. It would be better to say : “ Our lady is the source of Mercy and God is the origin that feeds this source”. But it’s more: God is neither the source nor the origin of Mercy: God is Mercy that walks through the mystic, missionary , redeeming channels shown by the Blessed Virgin.”

1st NOVEMBER 1982

(…) So we have Our Mother clad in our body who has crossed our streets and is crossing them even now; She is crossing them now because Our Lady is not a dream, She is not a silly illusion, She is not a hysteria: Our lady appears on this poor earth. Maybe this joy, at least for a short time, will be for everybody. Anyway, it is so.

(…) Our Lady rightly said:all the governments of the world are anti-evangelical. Here is the great sin and the reason why we arrive to the payment of a suffering we are going to feel and that we are already feeling.

13th MAY 1983 at 10.30

(…) What was there? The invitation coming from the Immaculate Heart, the Virgin’s Heart and this is why the Sanctuary was built here: for the greatest devotion that was born in the Church in recent times: for the salvation of the world. Our Lady spoke clearly and She said: now it’s terrible, you will have the good bread, you will have it when My purification of the world is achieved.” Now there is only one question. Our Lady’s Heart is at the centre of all the hopes of our days and of our times. Then it is to the Immaculate Heart that we need not only to apply, but to give ourselves with filial simplicity.

(…) Moreover, Our Lady said: “ pray the Holy Spirit for the salvation of the Church. My seat is in Rome.

31th JULY 1983

(…) Two months ago and in other times, Our Lord told us: “ you will suffer for the great oppressive and annoying heat; you will suffer for the great cold; you will suffer for the great drought and the impossibility of a crop, if the corn doesn’t grow, you will not pick up the vegetables that don’t grow.

27th NOVEMBER 1983

(…) I well remember, let me say so, and comment on it as you wish.

I well remember when one day Our Lady told us: “ Today the situation is worse than the one of Noah’ ark.” Ah! But was She joking?

I have never seen Our Lady joking. So, has She told the truth? She has never been a liar.

In 21 years of Apparitions I have never found any false words in Our Lady’s speeches. But then, our situation isn’t very cheerful, isn’t it? Why, would you believe it cheerful?

1st JANUARY 1985

(…) Ah! But it seems Our Lady has appeared at Medjugorie, even if people have shouted against it in thousands of ways…well! It’s as if the devil had appeared.

But if the devil had appeared, for God’s grace, let’s shout against him! But as it seems Our lady has appeared!

As it seems…It’s true. However in this Apparition we get the information of the conversion of the world, so you understand: the converted world.

(…) What has Our Lady come to do? She has spoken of peace! She wants the conversion of the world. But it’s clear, why? Should Our Lady want the perversion of the world? Should she want war? But who has ever said so? “But then…why doesn’t She give us the conversion?” Who? Our Lady? But if we don’t want it…

(…) There is a sentence I have noticed: “ God will send His angels to comfort the few who have remained.The few who have remained in open faith. And the others who have no faith, where have they remained? In darkness.

24th FEBRUARY 1985

(…) As a consequence today, today we are in a situation that I clearly remember Our lady defined “ worse than the one of Noah’s ark, than ancient times, worse than Sodom and Gomorrah because the greatest part of humanity is totally detached from God.

17th NOVEMBER 1985

(…) But it’s clear, it’s clear and I remember well that Our lady once said that “ God, Our Celestial Father, will send His angels to assist, sustain and save the few who have remained in faith.

1st DECEMBER 1985

(…) I think that once, not long ago, God said “ My hour has come.

13th APRIL 1986

(…) Because in a short time God will show us that this is the truth and, if we don’t want to believe, as Our Lady said at Medjugorie too, as She said here: “ He will use the peoples without God to purify the world and His Church. “ This is the truth.

(…) We are facing an ineffable truth that enchants and makes us tremble. We are facing a strength of truth that we don’t know how to stop, how to discipline, how to address and how to make it serve our tenderness and serenity of life. We look for it everywhere and we don’t find it. We need a miracle to find a priest who has not only the desire, the enthusiasm but the true light to explain these things.

What Our lady was saying is coming true: “God’s houses will become empty.

(…) God speaks of peace. His own Mother, Our lady, is called the Queen of Peace. She invites us to pray for peace.

(…) God gave us advice: “ ask these things during the elevation of the Consecrated Host.”