... Here at the foot of the altar Madonna, here in the sanctuary that you will kindly to want, want, and commanded to build here, where he made a dispenser of grace and said: I have planted many thanks, that one day collect My great in this sanctuary - as you say - well at the foot of the Madonna is to be collected for the grace of truth.

... Now I have mentioned some names in this way, but how many we have had for the Saints? Think about our beloved Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. As for miracles has covered the earth poor human, as has been stigmatized as, without stopping, without the slightest selfishness, with a generosity that I knew very well because I remember that I am honored by your friendship. And what worth what he said and what was true. If this is the Sanctuary, the first was great encouragement to him. “We have always taken good, we want so well, we are one, I will help you.”
And I sent the help with a creature that say zero by zero, and that is an eternity, Giliana.



Now, the temple is made of stone, that no, this is made of bricks, but it is. The cornerstone of the temple, however, is God, God is

We have made a temple, these walls are blessed, no doubt, God what does it do? It is this. It is small? No, it is the temple which is great, God He is immense, and there is infinite. And who knows regular true inspiration, in a pure recollection, sa soar up to the greatness of God

What we hope with all my heart and the wonderful blessing of God, who is in the temple itself, rather, I will tell you more, a word that, when you opened this temple, I speak frankly, when you opened this temple, Madonna said in Apparizione, said: “Whoever sets foot in My Shrine, I do not forsake more.”

I swear that is true and I swear dall'altare. May you use these holy fortune and God bless you.


The history of this Sanctuary is simply this and only this …

The plan that I had in my poor heart was a plan to be carried out in a small spot that I dared to call "The City of the Immaculate".
Later on I was ashamed of the whole thing and didn't want to do it any more, but it was already done at that point; however I can tell you in all candour that I never had the courage to carry it out.

It was only when a revelation from a marvellous friend, Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, showed me the way that had been promised to me. And it was only when together with a privileged creature, that I heard the Most Holy Virgin Say to me "Each and every time you pray with this girl, I will be in the midst of you. You will see me, and I will speak to you".

Shortly afterwards, since the Madonna knew the names of each place while I didn't, she said to me "Within two years you must build me a sanctuary an Monte Borriga".
I responded "Borriga?
What's Borriga? Mount Borriga"? and she continued " later on it could be very difficult and maybe even impossible, given the sad times that are to come

From that time on I had so much courage that I was able to disdain every human undertaking, laving behind every earth outlook, entrusting myself solely to the Blessed Virgin, even in the face of struggles that defy description and inexpressible obstacles.
The whole point is this: and this I explain to you in the name of the Holy Virgin, the synthesis of this structure is only a small part of what it will become since the Madonna herself says to me "The joy of expansion is reserved for a later time".
And for me it is a testament and an oath and joy to be able to say:
"It has not been my will, it has been the will imposed on me by the most amiable. Most loveable Mother of God: Mary the Immaculate".


Then… heard, you have come to find Our Lady. Tell 'mah, Our Lady is by all parties, we agree, there is a something in every church, we agree. That is a human-religious, very apprezzabile, good. They made the church, there is also the Our Lady is one, as they say, a sacred project, for which human man or priest, etc., demand aid to the Lord to be able to achieve and, in essence what ? It is the human will aided by divine will.

So it is all the will of God; A piece is the will of man, the other is to help God.

Here I assure you, this is not the case. Here it is not. The imperious word of the Virgin, was not without stopping because repeated on several occasions, and decided, authoritarian, you must farMi My Shrine on Mount Borriga within two years. Otherwise you would be impossible for time to be sad. Well “foul”, not “it's done”, not “wish”, you must do so.





It was Our Lady who asked to build the Sanctuary “within two years, because afterwards it would be very difficult to build it due to the sad times that will come.”
The Sanctuary was built on an layer of Monte Fasce called place Borriga; there were no houses, just a small restaurant and nothing else.
How to explain the presence of a church in solitude?
What is its purpose?
Father Raschi says :" because Our Lady wanted it.
I lacked the courage to build the Sanctuary because I was not sure, really sure, that it was Our Lady herself who wanted the Sanctuary; because I didn’t want it, not I.
The works of a man follow the history of a man and everyone knows how a man’s history is: more or less he lives a long or a short life but then he dies. I wanted the Sanctuary for Our Lord and surely not for myself.”
"Some extraordinary very extraordinary episodes happened.
Our Lady’s apparitions have been a lot here.
So we are in Our Lady’s home, where Our Lady has talked, where Our Lady has guaranteed Her protection, where Our Lady has asked the consecration to Her Immaculate Heart, where Our Lady has even worked some miracles..
There have been a lot of miracles.
Why do I say so?
Because for the true assurance of Our Lady’s presentation of Herself, just for the assurance, we need Our Lord’s visiting card.
Then we have no more doubts.
The miracle is Our Lord’s visiting card and it assures us of His present hand.
A lot of miracles happened here.
I will shortly narrate one.
A girl affected by a tumour between the foot and the shin-bone of a leg was to be operated.
They brought her here to Our Lady.
I told the girl and her family to say together a Hail Mary here in front of Our Lady.
I blessed them and after that I felt a kind of inspiration and I said: but this girl has nothing!
The following day she was operated.
The doctor, the chief physician of the hospital, opened his arms and said : well, there’s nothing more here!
But what has happened !
The parents simply answered that they had come here to Monte Fasce to visit Our Lady.
Then, is it a miracle?

Pray from your heart our sweet Mother, our Heavenly Mother because She is the Appointee of these sad days when, let me be a third-rate prophet, She will go to the end because God wants the purification of the world and of His Church.
Jesus spoke in a clear way and said: “People don’t feel they are sinners so they will never ask for forgiveness.
This is why I am obliged to use justice as Mercy. Is it true? Isn’t it true?

Our Lady has given her advice: pray, do penance, pray, do penance, pray, do penance..
Our Lady doesn’t tell lies, she is not mistaken and she cannot deceive us.”




In practice, since we are a Sanctuary of the Our Lady, if we want, I call Hermitage, Hermitage of Our Lady here, here's a Hermitage. We are in a Hermitage of Our Lady, then in a prayer that we suppose, even inspired. Well, in this environment, in this environment can comment a little bit of what is the current and active history of the Our Lady and hence of God, this wonderful Creature uses for the good.

… Thus today with good heart, honest, bare from any antipathy and all hatred, filled with tenderness of love and forgiveness, we turn to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin and in the name of faith that is, that little that is, what we should be and above all in the name of faith when you land in assisting your divine son and attended the Church, in the name of this faith which is love, grant us the grace and peace good. We hope even though the dams are not broken, even if the sea of misery every invaded the land, although hatred today is the flag that dominates in every way, we pray with tenderness, love opera because of the Blessed Virgin peace and good, poor returns in the world.