The imposing convoy of human strength that winds all over the world has repeatedly imposed silence and reflection.

Before everything we have heard plenty suffocated the immense resources that has convinced us of how it is not true that humanity is poor: WE ARE NOT POOR!

Secondly, we have to understand that all the apparent distracted form of human life is guided by secretly powerful organizations, both from the political aspect, and in the society. Suffice to chiappare wire to wire all the espionage services, information, and all contacts and treaties, to be convinced until all'evidenza. The secret societies are more numerous than one thinks, and their office conducts the life of the world with cunning and concrete. The scandals that emerge here and there, readily silenced are a clear confirmation.

A single company could neutralize this ultra secular epidemic, is the society of Catholics because they have a wonderful teaching and the possibility of a conscience up to scrupulously faithful.

But the problem of Catholics and right here that the coup attempt with the means non-Catholic and non - supernatural is miserable figure when they do subtract to imprestito principles and the natural resources of the world and denatured.

Who does not feel the jarring serious than pleased and efficient participation Christian Democrat to nauseanti courts and laws cleanup?

But how can coonestare with the Gospel the merciless law that condemned and condemns all'ozio and starvation many parents for the simple fact that one day they were fascists?

Some tell us:

“What could I do?”

- The opposite! (We respond).

Since other parties and movements all you can expect, including revenge, but by Christians do not expect.

You can certainly say that there is no full and faithful adherence to the truths revealed, including that of loving our enemies.

Lacking faith and the use of the supernatural, this continues for the collapse of naturalism.

The Catholic should say “YES” to the Gospel, and “NO” in the world; Know, attempts, and stops the obstacles, would say “Yes” and “No” but ultimately, shamefully, to say “Nì” nor yes or no.

We referred to the obvious need to call in sight of the supernatural with all its old, tested laws dell'ascetica and mysticism: the belief that we have these two sciences Catholic spiritual life are most necessary of all social organizations, economic and political we are studying with great thirst. More prayer, penance, plus elevation, that's what we need!

Father Bonaventura Raschi