The structure now has lost moral bones.

The Social Body “is infrollito and its contradiction, in need of resources series, is sbilenca, lemme and trembling even in the most insignificant labors, and often comes to be characterized with the whim of a perennial denial, perhaps with a sgarbatissimo” No!”

The first “No!” It is reserved for sincerity.

The second “No!” It is reserved for God.

This is the great earthquake that shakes the world.

The world is sick of a “No” sacrilegious and his illness, although purely spiritual, and it is sin, also reveals in “Brother body,” Sister water “and” Brother Wind “and” Sisters stars the MALANNO APOCALITTICO to suffer even “Brother Sun” that of this earthquake, testified in 1917 in Fatima, putting in great fear the huge crowd of 70 - 100,000 people.

Turning to the second “No”.

This makes liar over the world and, therefore, makes it lacks any credibility, which means BANKRUPTCY.

Man can not believe man, and both stumble and fall into the abyss that is the social and religious perdition, temporal and eternal.

This situation and asked: DISPERAZIONE; The vision that already appears in a strange passage of desperate, yet differed allies, the hungry BIG LOVE who feel they have lost form and the immense crowds of “Angeli-Demoni” demons and men in part already dell'Inferno which schifosi authentic satanassi.

Since more work experience and prayer, the study of historical, theological and mystical, as many graces and miracles and so council of men and women who are on the edge dell'ONORE of ALTARI, and other creatures that are already there arrived, we heard the noise of the brutal rebel and “No!” the various Saints fought and now makes increasingly sadly alive to rule the world, so grievous prophecies remind him that the rebel Christ covers with the name “Prince of this the world”and who is the head of every rebellion and that bigotti Paints with the name of the Church.

From this reflection was born in the hearts improves the desire to recover the atmosphere of sincerity and re-embrace the BIG LOVE Triune Spirit who alone is Life.

It is not a problemuccio by maniacs! But who is that trusts, when one thinks of the old proverb world Latin “homo homini lupus, man is wolf? !

We arrived to a life by wolves, betrayed by clowns real culprits.

The world now lives case.

But God never lies, and we suggested a sentiment worthy of him: “We know that the love God has for us and we have believed” (I Jn. 4.16)

These are words of love from which it draws fortunate and eternal Victory of believers.

Love will come again on earth.

The Faith nell'adorabile Christ reminds us that we believers, once raised, I see face to face as he is, and be like him, so, He, the Lord, our pilgrims here, we want to prepare the happiness of eating resurrection of the Body and Blood him that he generates every day on Altari.

Father Bonaventura Raschi