Faith is a virtue that angle the theological intellect under the influence of will and grace, to give firm assent to the truths revealed, based on authority of God were removed.

It is therefore a force in which the intellect is involved because it is a truth known and that brings with it the need and strong contribution of the will because faith is not inherently obvious and requires this to the authoritative intervention that will see evidence of the reasons and requires believe.

We must strictly hold that faith, we are talking about, as regards subject neither more nor less than that God is the truth, and that is above joint forces of nature, and is a supernatural climate for which it is necessary the GRACE that only God can give us and, as necessary, to give us.

Faith, therefore, becomes a free act, supernatural and meritorious. Finally, faith is a free gift from God that needs to be accepted.

The reasons of faith are all the “truth” revealed whether they would be impossible to discover the human intelligence as well as those that human reason can discover for themselves, but who knows better with faith.

The object formally, it is commonly said because of faith, is the divine authority that is manifested by the revelation and we announced some secrets of God. That faith is the virtue, all in the supernatural as in the ground that allows us to enter into communion with the divine.

Often the truth is revealed to us genuinely proposed by the Church; This truth is said then to the Catholic faith, if there is no real definition of the Church, is simply divine faith.

Nothing is more of the firm adherence of faith: having confidence nell'autorità divine much that in our enlightenment. With all the soul believe in the revealed truth, we do so with greater security as the divine grace is to facilitate and strengthen our consent.

That is why the accession of faith is more alive and strongest of the rational truth.

Thus it is clear that faith, as explained, it must have an important part in our sanctification: taking part in the divine, and is the foundation of supernatural life, and unites us intimissimamente to God.

The HEADQUARTERS sensitive and crucial is the CONSCIOUSNESS, where is the control of good and evil, but specifically is where is the Holy Spirit who responds, illumines, reveals healthy and sanctifies every step of the task to identify with the desire to God.

When you are able to standardize, identify the conscious will to that of God, it was in a position certain to be with God and God: like John, Mary Magdalene, Mary the wife of Clopas, with the guidance of the Madonna that just went up Calvary with Jesus while all were fleeing including Apostles owned by apparent fear of defeat, we too rise and give themselves.

Either they believe or not believe.

If the heart enters into convenience fears that the arrogance, all this is accomplished and only the miracle of remorse can back afloat in the light of God and give to the Holy Church also possible light of martyrdom.

The GREAT ENEMY  THE CONVENIENCE dell'egoistico interest trembles before the arrogance farisaica.

The unfailing light of Jesus, opened the gate; John the Baptist is not shaken, not John Evangelist trembled in the other Apostles, a constructive remorse reported them in their place.

Faith triumphs when the conscience is God's enemy “and the” convenience linked terrified by the power and choose the dark path of perdition.

“Let the dead bury the dead.”

You come and follow Jesus.

Father Bonaventura Raschi