We would like to give the floor to the mountains, the sea, the heavens say because their opinion and their news; Not enough more secret meetings famous palaces and villas: now dares to defy the Skies infilandovi secrets research instruments loaded with dark possibility the threats of terror, pain and death.

Maybe we can glory of our great civilization that dares joke with destruction, massacres and death before the terrible control of the majesty of God?

  • And God doing?

  • For the blind ..... Does nothing!

  • God says that?

  • For the deaf, not talk!

But all the evil that prepares and has fulfilled its sources, and are two: one is dall'abisso hellish, the other falls by infinite depth of Heaven.

One is the angry, eternal hells of "damned", the other is the infinite justice of God's love: God makes the great mercy of purification that crushes, with justice, the wickedly creator of death: Lucifer.

He was repeatedly warned humanity is still repeatedly warned humanity to return to God and come back with love.

The Heavenly Father has repeatedly sent the Divine Mother, Mary, Immaculate warning, retrieve, and help save the world and His Holy Church: see far enough, recent events: most of the Holy Gospels and the Holiness Vicar Visible: the Pope and invisible, but truly, the conscience.

All said and confirms the love of God.

While writing the storm is raging and fierce but nobody thinks the voice of justice of God. Meanwhile across the road beaten by the world sees more frenetic madness and unthinkable.

It split families for various reasons devilishly and sadly effective.

You meet people young or old and ragazzetti and ragazzette suffering for inner torments, voices, lights; They can also be found in the hands of psychology that almost always reduced to psychotropic drugs without any voice friend that reduces them to the right direction of life, the general theme virtue, the great gift of Faith, the great middle of the prayer, the serenity of being in the light and protection of Great Mother of God: Mary, the Immaculate Conception.

Switch nonexistent as the divine truth the EUCHARIST while dragging deeply exhausted, semimorte starve the souls which almost no one speaks the TABERNACLE and remain unaware of the great shrine of CONSCIOUSNESS.

Almost all expenditure is made to die damned and infracidire in the body and vitiated fesso about purity, ready to the eternal hatred.

What madness! Why so unaware? Why so false?

There is only one thing to do: either conversion or destruction; Or love or hatred.

The choice can be fatal.

Father Bonaventura Raschi