It is so long that the world works.

Without respite, we launched appeals to human ingenuity ¬ because the formula is safe to happiness.

They said the men of each strand with the juice of their thought, with the radius of their science, with the pride of their primacy, and, on the streets and venues, became party to each answer, in her welcoming the progress of earthly hopes

Dì more bread, the most beautiful homes, playgrounds and dance their fill of me! I said to the old pagan with two words: 'Bread and Circus “!

The world has been able to give us only the circus, with bighelloni to play and dance of passion, but less bread and homes destroyed.

The world and promises not kept, and has generated a class of disgruntled and exhausted spirits.

Instead, the Heart of the Redeemer said: “O you who are weary and suffering come to me and I will rest!”

Many came and they felt understood and more relaxed without potersene disconnect. One of those many who enjoy the light after the darkness and the power after the sin he said, with absolute certainty:

O God, you've done for you, and our hearts are restless sintanto that does not pose in you.”

Many came, and one of these many stripped by selfishness and selfishness of the world greeted the joy comes from the Heart of God with adorable words past the venerable history of the divine:

Finally, I can say:” Our Father which art in heaven '”

When a man feels rested only in God, when another finds joy in the sense of the fatherhood of God and when the larger and more pure feeling of nostalgia with the superiority of these men and follow their example and their feel comfort and lotus seeking stability of the property, it must be said that the Heart of Christ the King and the center of all hearts, therefore, is the highest and most sacred devotion.

The greatest creature to the intelligence, purity and love the Madon ¬ na, knew the experience of ecstasy and divine understanding, and was, therefore, ask the men the most effective call prompting them to the Heart of the Son blessed with immortal words: ù

Do whatever he tells you.”

Father Bonaventura Raschi