If someone says that the world does not need light, it would be a liar.

The Age of Enlightenment is in the dark of others.

Nobody knows realize occur because the facts and the crimes which we consume today, and, what is worse, it will be something difficult to understand.

Light, O Mary, light, O Mother!

That the world remains dazzled by Your divine explanation!

So, or Immaculate Queen, you have a power light that can erase all the impressions of hell: and it is precisely this work of miracle that, cause in the eyes of the world lost.

But I do not want to keep giving advice, or Mother, I have so much fear of such recklessness. And then, I know that you've already thought about this, and the religious world presagisce by a strange intuition that something will or health of the living.

But as we are senseless, or Mother, you have already done so: from Nazareth to Bonate from Calvary in St. Peter.

If you were a little humanity T'avrebbe be some time spent, but you are full of grace and Your Heart Immacolato poured continuously the eternal fullness of God
So, again, or Mom, thanks again and again salvation.

Father Bonaventura Raschi