After the Fatima ¬ ro large number of Christians thought that everything was done in this regard of mes ¬ sages and apparitions, and the only thing that ¬ nica de ¬ remained still is and, from time to time, implementing ¬ le, was the famous last secret of the Apparitions at Cova da Iria, which is still not yet given an ¬ know.

However, in the strange and qua ¬ is inevitable ignorance of the mass of people and they lost ¬ Consecrate,

Mary Sue said, the big revelations.

At the same time the fact of Portugal, in Rome was Father Maximilian Kolbe that vo ¬ lere of Maria SS. founded the great apostolate of Militia of.

Also in Rome around 1932 started Apparitions and messages that it was possible to propagate only in 1941 and that, increasingly wealthy, we are intensifying.

In the same year appear at events and Beauraing Banneux in Belgium with facts and amazing miracles.

So in Germany where, until now, there are over one hundred appearances, etc. in Luxembourg.

On April 12, 1947 again in Rome opens the cycle of events of the Three fountains.

In the hardest phase of the war, a voice came from Bonate, and today, with Casanova Staffora not close anymore.

There is still much skepticism about the possible events Marian and the world continues to do calculations on the only political hopes - Financial - ¬ scientific!

This poor world was defined by Papini that summed in this word 'Pedocrazia “namely the government of boys.

With those words, the brilliant writer, does not affect the government that, in order, are the last to govern, but the masses of the people, which is they who give the tone of life.

Their son, the people who are fashion, taste the language, customs and people of the government of their children and servants of the century ideas of their times, that can not organize the results.

The world is today without trial, all boys.

Kids who write, guys that painting, kids who make up ..... music, guys playing for racing, a ball and fists, and that s'appellano names of a certain tone: running football, boxing and so on.

This infantilism progressive attempts entrar in Temple, it makes me think of a way that says our Papini:

I am reminded that the word priest comes from the presbytery and wanted to say, therefore, old. The modern civilization with its trend of the hegemony impuberi and so would be the opposite of the priesthood?”

Fortunately, in the arteries of humanity, the mysterious blood drops of Mary and Rome beats her Immaculate Heart, so that Rome is, and will, the heart of the world.

One day the mass of the skeptics and will evoke prudentoni and an ¬ happy that you will find the adult world, all of Mary.

Father Bonaventura Raschi