At that time Jesus entered a village and a woman named Martha welcomed him into his home. She had a sister named Mary who sat at the feet of Jesus, listening to his words; Marta instead was all taken by many services. Therefore fattasi forward, said: “Lord, do not you care that my sister has left me alone to serve? Dille therefore to help me. “

But Jesus answered, “Martha, Martha, you worry you agiti for many things, but one thing is needed: Mary has chosen the best part, which will not be removed” (Lk 10, 38/42).

More or less hard, life is always a choice and preference is always to what is needed or that we seem so.

The Lord warns us that one is necessary.

That our time will reveal a great variety of things are required, this means that the center of our consciousness is very annebbiato and can not find the right point.
The solution lies between life and death on this road passing all the things in the broadest sense of the word, we must make a choice.

The selection requires a set of abundant wisdom and secure as it is to know and grasp the one thing necessary.

We need a teacher whose wisdom is indisputably perfect because the road along which is fast and leads to death from which no man can escape.
According to the great reality of our creation, death and there is not, since those who died is the only body which is something very relative. The soul survives and remains alive and the body eternally glorious rise taken from his blessed soul, or rise disgraceful practice of meeting in the damnation of her soul damned.

Faced with this eternal happiness or eternal that tragedy, the commitment is made feli ¬ ing victorious in a very safe with the choice of guarantees vigorous underly ¬ ¬ thing about what was necessary defense in Mary Mad ¬ dalena dall'Adorabile Yes ¬ gnore: remain at the foot of the Lord to eat his words and his love. This means filling the gra ¬ aunt of God and get to the pie ¬ no happy and lucky and possession of divine figliolan ¬ za Him

This means getting to fill a full, happy and divine experience assures us that the communication with the indisputable adorable friend who compete by the event master of his divine will and that respects the normal office of CEOs ensure the happiness and peace time and eternal.

The Kingdom of God is within you” Jesus said, and this condition is also possible to his kingdom in our midst.

This is the wisdom, “It expresses its nobility, living in communion with God, the Lord of why he loved her. It started at the science of God and chooses his works ... His company does not regret, sorrow or her life together, but contentment and joy. “ (Prov. 8).

Father Bonaventura Raschi