One Sunday, for the disposal of the competent authorities of the City boys and girls in middle school were invited to spend a few hours in “disco”.

The disco is or should be an orderly collection of discs reproducing music and words, classical music, modern music, music, opera, music, songs, music, dance, etc.. But it is more or less, as it was in an distinctly more mundane meetings of coquetry and gallantry that often reaches a style of appointments not overly moral!
At the meeting, as s'é mentioned, over part or all of what sopraddetto were boys and girls provided with printed sheet on which were written a few questions and specifically these:

- Do you believe in God?

- Do you believe in Paradise?

- Do you believe in Purgatory?

- Believe nell'Inferno?

A great majority said 'It is in God, is in Paradise, not in Purgatory, no nell'Inferno.

This is the music, this is the song, this is the dance ... .. gathering in the club ... ..

Poor youth! The terrible danger as mundane program said S. Alphonsus Liguori dè: ... .. “Singing and dancing are in all'Inferno coach!”

It is the coach of the pleasure of abuse of physical force, or applauded sprezzata in bitter struggles cycling, auto, swimming, of boxing.

It is the coach of sexual rivincite or defeat.

It is the carriage drive, the glory of the Political, social or of a false religion.
It is the coach of the rebellion to the conscience of the destruction of consciousness, the consciousness of oppression, the coach of the eviction of God, no matter how the coach of Satan, the coach who with arts false, false or devilishly presented with excuses, health, of relaxation, you know, science, progress, faith, religion and universal convenience us, transports and dementia.

It is the coach that imprisons, that hurts, that kills the body and soul.
It's the coach who heard the sound of its wheels, its engine and its horns on the threads of television, radio, cinema, theater, on roads, over those of the city, on highways, on highways, that breaks through the homes, families, churches and many circles, enters the bar, in cemeteries, in some religious houses, etc..
It is a carriage that mysterious, manufactured in the world will remain in the hands of the “prince of this world” and that only the Apostolic Roman Catholic Church felt well and lived well with his “soul” which is the Gospel, fought until the end for half of the “pure consciousness” and that is and remains the means infallible in his head, so it will be the Victory.

And this is enough to make it clear that the world is in collapse and that those who can revive it, as the Holy Father said at the beginning of the Redemption, with two words: the True Church.

God welcomes the Holy Church with his triumph, with his peace.

Father Raschi