We believe.

We believe to Love.

The believe with all my heart and forever.

God himself has created the environment indefinitely and stakeholders of the universe and man.

God himself has taken the task of preaching love, to inspire love and die and rise again for love.

The Mother of God is not that un'indicibile conception and realization of love.

We are forced with a dilemma: either deceiving God, or not deceiving; And since the Lord does not deceive ever, we must take seriously the preaching and realization of love.

If not wanted, there was also forbidden, we could not be optimistic: God will be your victory, and soon!

By the very nature of what we feel that our optimism has no bounds, because they may not have: only the conditions and blessed those who observe them know.

We are not utopians because we follow the command of the Lord and he confidently expect everything.

If it were not feasible love God none would have commanded.

About scroll shoulders and says: “Utopie!” Is a traitor to God and men; Is responsible for all the stops, stops and ristagnamenti of life, is not worthy of life.

If the Virgin Mother of God had been skeptical, as our saputelli, our asleep and our doctors, the Redemption would not.

They say that the entusiasmiamo wants for airline prudence. This is another thing.

But s'inganna who exchange prudence with the sloth and immobility: prudence is a virtue and the sloth is a vice.

Prudence is all here:

“We send as lambs among wolves.”

We must learn to live lambs and know how to avoid wolves; Even better if, by the grace of God, we change the wolves in lambs.

The enthusiast is a person amabilissima, is a sun that warms the winter of the weak; Skeptics and prudentoni live behind the always enthusiastic.

It is true that sometimes enthusiastic falls in frozen pitfalls of smart profiteers; But it is also true that the same caution must pay their contribution painful; Because if that does not happen, all life is an abominable sterility.

The enthusiastic does not change the color of things; But if it simply serves with the fervor that love demand and deserve.

If there is one thing necessary for the general optimism of enthusiastic, it is humility that makes him think his ideal beautiful even when not able to achieve it: he understands to be incapable and unworthy and firmly believes that the completion of its light passion is the light through the hands of creatures better than him, and if they pleased, and to enjoy this divine certainty.

Cultivating the enthusiasm, turn a sun of optimism is a great fortune and love for the next and is un'indicibile tribute to the same God.

For our crusade enthusiasm is an important factor, but this is in proportion optimism that s'ha.

Meanwhile Madonna needs no souls before the big men to make your drawings. She does not choose anyone who is ever worthy!

If the work brings sacrifices of true repentance, our Mother is not hard penance.

Let serene with optimism to work, it is an honor that God and His Mother us, meanwhile, DRAWING DELL'ALTISSIMO ALL BE COMPLETED, EVERYTHING.

Father Bonaventura Raschi