The divine proportion” adored by Leonardo in the study of things to play them, we like a lot, especially since VERA.

The fact that we are universal. this divine proportion feel the beat and we see also in social lines.

On the other hand, if nature is alive, the company is more lively nature, is the next because of the nature, without society, nature, would not be eligible because he would not have reason to exist.

A pro that the infinite expanse of the sea, the beautiful and mysterious vegetations, the bottom of heaven full of inspiration, the harmonious proportions of the human body, at that?

The company is the soul of everything and to society is all ready.

But the company is not an end in itself: man is the last step that dominates and directs my life.

We take to heart is the divine proportion in these three admirable levels of life: nature, society, man. The man would sleep in peace between the two cushions: the nature and society.

The torment of human life is precisely the rebellion of nature and society.

The task of man is to dominate nature and harmonize society.

For this he must use the work until the sweat and fatigue, and sometimes the power up of digital.

Science, morality and hard work are the large field to grow long and hard, so, as the morale factor higher, is that everything must lead.

Organize the work it is for the science, the company is addressing the task of morality, morality is vivify the office of religion.

Religion from the rising sun of the future that reassures all human hopes and plans.

You need to touch the spot where the man runs his business life and natural society

The divine proportion” in society is to all children feel the same Father, my brothers in the same nature subject to the same law, the heirs of the same property.
“The evil has here and there, broke the divine proportion and created the social, so people do not feel emotionally and effectively brothers.

It is increasingly overbearing rafferma the need to cultivate carefully and expeditiously, the sacred plot of a universal brotherhood.

Father Bonaventura Raschi