Being away is a measure of indefinite and not interested only in relation to the point where it is.

Being away from evil is a fortune from property is a disgrace, by the brothers is a sin.

Among the most popular pain incrudiscono that the wounds of life, there is the distance from the brothers in need, the sick and afflicted.

Visiting brothers, comfort in their hard struggle, to get their service for what we can do, is to fill empty fatal and forge friendship with the soul of S. Gospel.

The abandonment that creates distances, puts all the conditions for the failure of the Gospel.

We need to fill the valleys and annihilate distances.

In the house of his brother is sick must be interested in everything from cooking scopa confidences by the commission, the health of the body to the soul.
Read the newspaper to a blind, pushing the wheelchair to a paralytic or without legs, leading to a walk or an old child, bear a burden to low and static, calmly defended the maligned ..... we must do this and more! How well we can achieve closer and supporting them with all my heart!

The great trouble of life are brought dall'individualismo. How many people is a life ¬ vulsa the Temple because the men are separated by distances bankruptcy!
The man who knows no longer the brother, not even God knows, and failure is then imminent.

We defend the Church and the Gospel, defending the brotherhood!

Father Bonaventura Raschi