Father Kolbe was a gesture of great souls, the genes that, sorbates of the swarming, gave the assurance of synthesis, perhaps in the form of a formula, or so.

Here is a summary on the Friars as he conceived and saw
“Friars laborers working in a world '

(Le fou de Notre Dame page. 133)

This is the formula of religious life for the needs of today and tomorrow.

San Francesco in the Rule says: 'The Friars work.

Perhaps many, have forgotten or do not have understood the meaning.

The work of Father Maximilian s'afferma with the facts and came to place in your heart this question:

We have our right to reject candidates who pose as a condition to work with this crazy seeds of Father Maximilian?

On the other hand, protested that he had followed all their desires to do the will of the Immaculate, they were put in a position to promote or to paralyze the will of the Madonna, and, after thinking about thinking, thinking of leaving the task to the time to discontinue this work. But the time will give more than 700 workers Friars, and the formula becomes reality.

The average had Ages, as well Winowska created a separation of dignity among the “Fathers” and “Brothers” these are a lower class and live as a separate secular, San Francesco corrects this concept, and he himself, although in sacris, remains close to the “brothers” as a simple brother. He starts in life really common, the abolition of class difference.

Nothing more timely, since the progress of the working class is a fait accompli and that we must give it one last touch with the right guidance, since “the true progress or spiritual or not!”


Father Maximilian had the taste, say the sacred, the pro ¬ entry, he feels his tem po ¬ as a “tired” feel the purity of an alpine climate, he wants to heal and for half of the work, her powerful that alone won all heresies, and, with the help of her, democratic reform and fraternal develops and brings to the Brothers Conversi a critical role.

The charity wins its battle of the big 'Conversi Brothers' offices that have so far had only to fathers, so that the old, in Grodno, where between murmured, “has been seen having brothers converts EXTENDERS so important? This is the world upside down!”

It was true: the renewal appeared in all its glory: the democracy that the Church should be inculcating against abuses of tyranny is now being experienced by its best children, and in the new culture of work the Friars, at the same wonderful, feel the sweet refrain: “Friars laborers working in a world.”

Everyone, that is, equal in dignity of work and love of God in the name dell'Immacolata!

Father Bonaventura Raschi