A something needs to consecrate life.

When the river runs impetuous towards the ocean, and, mysterious way, you are now on one barcaccia in the current, there remains that choose: either leave carry, or, with bold confidence, lead to piglio to rowing and tentar to achieve against a friendly bank that is more up far enough, but unfailingly friendly.

It is not a rancid Phrasebook old times when you say that, the swiftness of evil form of a current water limacciose, among whom there are now in danger of being dragged into an ocean of perdition.

- Is there a salvation?

- Yes! Sky, against current world there is a healthy and generous host you!

- But it is hard trace the course of this schifosissimo and immense river!

- It is true; But tougher flood will not let you think?

- Eh, siiii! But the strength to climb?

- There is not doubt!

“A impious disseminate propaganda in the world her errors, causing wars and persecutions of the Church, many good will be martyred. The Holy Father will have much to suffer; Various nations will be annihilated. …. .

But suddenly the sky recoils:

Finally my Immaculate Heart will triumph!

The Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Mary will.

(II secret of Fatima)

What is your opinion, have or do not have these words, the power of the divine?

And Madonna would spoke vacuum?

We need to keep a sense of reality; We must not give the impression, ever, not even a syllable of what Mary said.

The Consecration will! … .. Is good, but when, but how, but with what intent?

And if, for example, wanted to hasten the time of mercies and procurassimo tirelessly while a single and universal consecration? ! ...

If consacrassimo homes, our families, our ideals all'Immacolata Queen? It would not be this cooperation for the good?


Scorgo that, in each individual, there is latent or developed a mysterious or clear creation of life.

I do not want our men to ask: who consecrated their lives, and, I would even ask, our women.

But why not ask?

I was among the warmest memories in mind, the figure of Vegliardo of Pathos writer dell'Apocalissi, and I remember that he always was and remains if not the largest, certainly one of the greatest experts of the world.

So, ask him, and I will say:

“Dear Veggente, psychologist in the world and the centuries, I sapreste tell people, men and women from all over the world and in every age have devoted their lives? Where have focused?”

It seems hear shake the earth, seems to hear the winds howl, it seems to see agitated seas, commuoversi the firmament, eppoi be a great silence, and, it seems, between the heights dirupate Montagnard melt, for a moment from their loneliness, the figure the winged man who, with voice tonante defines the life of the world. It is the most profound and precise definition of human life, listen, the old Lord of truth, we say:

“The life of the world is focused in malice!”

Have you heard?

That idea which has devoted most of men and women.

Truly, I think that could be something better, more satisfying and more humane; But the protests are useless and the reality remains: over the world shaken s'alza light left of his soul sold the malignancy.

It is said that there is so much evil, so much suffering, there are so many tears and so!?

But perhaps the malignancy of the world could give better? And what would you expect from malice? And if the world is focused in malice, malice consecrated to have the courage to believe a gentleman and a benefactor?

But because you trust him?

The tree is known by the fruits… ..

Surely the world has always been beautiful fruits! Continue to taste!


The most noble activity is that of a “Do good and you will find peace.”

No other can in any way, bringing it closer.

And the thrust of the first well is to withdraw from the world consecration to malignancy for proporgli that of goodness.

The goodness has two sources: a limited and the small kindness or philanthropy; An infinity, and is the great kindness or charity divine.

We can never understand why we should stop the flame that we want to say, without ascending to the flame gives life to all, motorcycles and be and that, precisely because God gives un'infallibile guarantee.

There is also the addition of a facility in the choice, as God has willed coated the rettissime and majestic lines of simple justice, which are the basis of goodness, with a light sweet yet alive and maternizzata or more simply: God s the fact is Mother!

And how?

- Easy! Riponendo every treasure of goodness in the heart of the same Mother ch'Egli you chose to be born man among men.

Indeed the great clairvoyant Pathos of Jesus delivered this secret:

“Son, this is your mother!”


We repeat this poor world to call from the works of the sublime malignancy ascents good.

World, world, the poor world hear us! … ..

Look at the sublime figure of the Virgin Mary of the Angels?

Look at your Immaculate Heart?

Look at the rays of thanks that piovono from your hands?

Look at the snake crushed by her pure foot? .....

Look at all this?

Well, or World, or poor degenerate son, come here is your mother, devoted to her, and the Immaculate Heart will triumph.

Then return the rest of souls and bodies, we exhausted.

You consecrated, You consecrated, all'Immacolata Queen!

Father Bonaventura Raschi