Lourdes, Massabielle, the Immaculate, the source, the miracles, Bernadette ... A filza names that are the cornerstones of history Mariana to the Holy Cave.

Names are nice and sweet for the symbol and reality of power, light, joy, health and salvation leading.

The IMMACULATE, modeled on Divine copy that is His Son, form the humanity of the Word, so the Virgin becomes consanguinea of God, being God's true and real Bride Mother, all pure and spotless, really “Full of Grace”, reveals, even those who admired the cover, and an unprecedented inexhaustible natural beauty.

In fact, like so much dignity and greatness so undefinable moral and divine, Mary has, physically, a beauty that proved fairly during her earthly life, but finally in heaven could occur at the point of being, after the Lord, the joy and ecstasy of the entire Paradise.

We repeat for the umpteenth time that she is the “masterpiece” of God.

In the grotto of Massabielle in Lourdes, appeared You, the Immaculate, Heaven!

The eyes that saw were those of Bernadette Soubirous.

A good thought, Saint Bernadette has received and absorbed the light of the, and, for this reason, s'ha the feeling that the Sweet Pastorella is a portrait of the Virgin, and which, contemplate tell us joy to have in 'soul, a lot of life and grace of the Immaculate Conception.

Bernadette is a great name, a great light and a great rest.

Those who had the fortune of seeing invaluable in ecstasy had the joy of knowing a heavenly transformation that gives the eyes of devotees a ray observatories, albeit veiled, of the Immaculate Conception.

For ourselves, Bernadette, is a great love, a great purity, a great light, sweet humility, and is a great friend of souls to heaven.

At one point the figure of Bernadette is inciela in such a transcendence to give science the task of filtering the supernatural to the concept that only then, God, it seems worthy of our soul, why not us pray this sweet sister, Santa Bernadette, the secret of grace, virtue, the Christian victory?

Once again say, with St., “who saves please!”

And we have the courage to say that people pray Saint Bernadette, the joys of the will which with the gift of His grace in the hearts leave the secret of holiness.

Place, Providence adorable that the sweet Santa turn its eyes to us and, through the power of the angelic look, we rejoice light of the Lady.

Father Bonaventura Raschi