It seems This is a theme now exhausted, but it is not.

The consecration brings with it a character that perhaps has not been grasped, and it is above all say the substantive point.

Consacriamo us to Madonna means to bind her and not find, in this, a kind of talisman or amulet lucky.

Bind us to you not with chains or ropes, but with the heart (which is called will almost) as a hearing only your voice.

This link, if it is total, is really bond; If it is not total, is not nothing.

When the link is not total, you mean that there is a point or more, where everything is melted, a sort of 'breakthrough' on the walls of walls.

To pass the breach, and what it does not pass the taste heart to broaden the breach, and breaks the fortress.

Most consecrations are sfaldate and instead establish the power of the supernatural, form the attack him.

The consecration has to be a chain that is pressing all our forces around the person chosen by our devotion and our love.

Soul which consecrates, breaking the barriers of consecration, leaves of the river running through forbidden passions, or dangerous, and so you change the consecration in deconsecrated and no longer applies the penalty remember as something beautiful and rich the celestial wonders; you change into a cold expression formalistic made for standarizzati by tradition or fashion.

Consecration does not have a body of laws, but one law: the willingness of the person to whom it is consecrated.

Consecration to Mary has one wonderful wealth, the desire to you.

Father Bonaventura Raschi