Everyone thinks victims of a situation that is worryingly poor, without understanding why.

But mostly they are judged guilty of the rich, PRETI, GOVERNMENT, PARTIES.

Certainly, without doubt, all four have their responsibilities.

But blaming others, perhaps with slander and conferences demagogic easy!

We wonder, though: “those who think so and say, as they do not even call them into question and instead considered classified as innocent victims and, covering as heroic defenders of the poor workers?”

For a logic accuracy terms we wonder: Who is meant for worker?

This term “worker” means that he is the one who works, but that always works, that the hours of the day and often the night, working passes.

This is, however, a statement early!

We know what the employment of men and women who call and must be called work.

In common usage, “work is the application of energy to achieve a specific purpose and, in case,” the application of energy.”

There is lawful remember that the man has a diverse energy; Energy intelligence, conscience, a physics and the whole engine of will; Of course that these energies should be given a special meaning and mission and office, but the distinction need to understand.

For physical means in large percentage manual work, having to think all'assioma “healthy mind in healthy body” for intellectual work of the intelligence, and the work of moral conscience that would be honesty and is the largest work.

Honesty has its rule in the law of God which bears the name of “COMMANDMENTS.”

The Commandments were revealed to Moses, a great leader and prophet of God, which organized the large pilgrimage of the people of God to the promised land after centuries and reached the fullness of time illuminated by the birth of the Savior.

The Savior, Christ, God made man, the consolidated law and vivificò light with faith deeper, and the 'Magisterium of the Church.”

So there is now in this journey of Faith always rinverdita and protected by the Church.

The Faith and the Law are light and the measure of life and it is in this way that man has to do its work.

Worker is the one who, for the commitment, and for the effort, both for accountability, both for the success, specializes in intellectual production which is the invention, the preparation and organization of work; Worker, the technician for the practical implementation of the work; worker is the operator manual which is used to call worker; but all the thought, the book, the pen, experiment, the movement, sickle, hammer are workers, and it is a grave insult to confer the title of worker only one who uses the hammer and sickle; rather there is to know that any work and any worker can not be considered free from Commandments of God and the light of His revelation and faith where things seriously is obliged to stay.

If the world of work, and therefore humanity, rebels and the Faith Commandments, and against God, becomes separated from God and can be found guilty with God.

If this is the man, he is the sinner.

If this is the world of work, this is destruction.

If this destruction is the nature of our time compromise enemy of God and true light left that rages in human consciousness, becoming program of the majority of men, we can certainly say: Pazzia a dying world who wants the eviction of God.

The few who can understand what judgment sentence is firmandosi humanity with rejection and diabolical mad undertaking oust fatherhood, the merciful love and the power of infinite Heavenly Father.

In these conditions you can get to understand the tremendous ease and speed of the sad journey that unfolds in a triumph of hatred and bloodshed by cutting the roads leading to the supreme good: God.

We still hope, in “extreme danger” that with a file full of inner pain and repentance increasingly turned, at least a good part of believers, with their bitter tears will form a mysterious procession of penance in the human society, from propiziarci actual total mercy of God.

That is why we urge the frequent invocation:

“Immaculate Conception, Source of Mercy, intercede for us and for the whole of humanity!”

Father Bonaventura Raschi