We would like simplicity with patient highlight obscure points of the message of 1917-October 13 at Fatima.

A big punishment falls on the human race; Neither today nor tomorrow; But in the second half of the twentieth century.

These words were said on 13 October 1917, that is 66 years ago, and from what we can deduce that there is a space of 17 years within which the tragedy should occur apocalyptic of purification or punishment that Fatima reveals.

From other sources we know that it is also a nuclear war caused by serious sin; Wars for vast responsibilities, so tell us: Acclamate war?!. You acclaimed because the war? How did you cheered my crucifixion?!.

This ad devastating scourge, is not covered by mystery: the thought dell'atomica, s'affaccia now with certainty what will happen, and soon.

“Fire and smoke will fall from heaven ..... Millions and millions of people perish by the hour.”

I do not exclude that the Lord gives a terrible nature: “All the earth-shaking .....” and making use of part of humanity, corrupt and bad, for the necessary purification.

In many of the current “tool of Satan” in the world against the conscience and against the Church, is Russia which in the estimation of large people a bit forced into divine revelation, the mystical doctrine and honest observation chronicle policy , social, party, revolutionary, military, brigatista, Mafia, trade union, scioperistica, atheist, it appears that Satan march at the head of any disruption of life, and that, day by day Satan reigns increasingly on the most senior posts, leading to the the trend of things.

Russia, all notice it exercises its influence horrible: Marxism is its greatest tool, monstrous and violent revolution of atheism and against every value and moral sense that the lie remains of humanitarian crusade, pretending to break down the injustice, the misery and suffering of the working classes.

On the other hand, the responsibility is also a world like the United States of America, which covered an England oppression all its colonial life with the addition of an heretical and scismatica limitless.

Ultimately sin is dell'intiero world that if you wait to Revelations credited led to delittuoso “for a hundred” men of contact with God, accordingly ninety-nine% of humanity is separated from God, so the Lord is the Most offense that forced souls, partly malnourished and largely sfiduciate, to a frightening desperation.

What about all this scourge spiritual and material there has been a caring Celeste mission by the Lord, what is certain, and only think of the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the mountains of La Salette, “to those of Lourdes and Fatima to those, we must make a painful fact that, namely, the warnings of Heaven were not all taken seriously by all and were not followed the advice, warnings and threats that the heavenly love and justice of God have expressed ; and now we are suffering the consequences.

The plague of atheism, money dishonestly and avidly sought, sexuality, dell'orgoglio, violence, evidence, particularly of infanticide abortion, and antipathy for the rebellion to the law of purity and the Consecrated of chastity and families, are nothing more than the testimony of a decay obtained abandonment of the law of God and the precepts of the Church.

What we expect from this?

You can have a healthy reaction to be made promptly?

On behalf is our penance and a lot of prayer.

The instrument of all these powers is only a lieutenant, docile and smart is hatred and falsehood.

Jesus himself calls Satan “Omicida and liar” (I 8.44) and so absolute Russia and other nations is quite popular form and shadow dell'anticristo.

The message warns us that Satan will be able to enter the top of the Church.

How many times Russia speaks of peace and multiplies its nuclear weapons, and supplies in the world, with mighty media, the war between peoples and nations.

At this point you can understand how much equity conversion of Russia.

On 21 January 1935 Lucia wrote to Rev.mo Father Conçalves:… .. “As for Russia, I think that will give great pleasure to the Lord working so that the Holy Father realized His (Madonna) wishes.

Three years ago the Lord was enough discontent because his application was not paid.

In a letter I did know Mgr. Bishop.

So far, the Lord asked me otherwise, unless prayers and sacrifices. Intimately talking with him, I think it is willing to use mercy to the poor as promised Russia five years ago, and that both want to save him.

On 18 May 1936 as to the question: “If you insist convenient for the consecration of Russia”, I answer almost the same thing that I have said on other occasions: “I am sorry that has not already been done.”

I would say something that I feel about it, even though it's a pretty delicate matter to be sent by mail with the danger of going to be lost and read; But I entrust to God himself, for fear of not treating the subject with clarity throughout.

Intimately I spoke to the Lord on; And just now the wondered why not convertiva Russia without His Holiness made it the consecration.

“Why I want the whole Mia Church recognizes this consecration as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and thus broaden your worship and place alongside My Heart devotion to the Divine, the devotion of the Immaculate Heart.

But, oh my God, the Holy Father does not believe me if you do not muoverete with a special inspiration! “The Holy Father!”

“Pray much for the Holy Father! He will be able to do, but it will be late! However, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will save Russia. He has entrusted!”

And then pray. Better late than never!

Father Bonaventura Raschi